Industrial Technology to Watch Out for

By Ned McRae

Industrial technology is evolving rapidly as the need to enhance efficiency and increase production takes center stage. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that triggered mass disruptions in the sector, flexibility and adaptability have become essential in the new era of uncertainty. Therefore most companies are turning to highly automated processes powered by high speed internet offered by award-winning ISP, SpinTel and the likes.

What is meant by industrial technology?

Industrial technology refers to innovations and technology used to enhance engineering and the manufacturing of goods. The ultimate goal, in this case, is to leverage engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster and simpler. Efficiency in using raw materials and producing goods is also top on the agenda.

The latest technology trends in 2022 touch on chemical, mechanical, and electrical processes to enhance production. Significant investments towards digital innovation and sustainability have also come into play as companies adapt to the changing times.

Computing power is at the heart of the digital era, with almost every device in the industrial sector being connected to the internet. While computing infrastructure has significantly benefited from high-speed internet as the one offered by award-winning SpinTel, the transition into the new era of 5G with more power is already heating up.

Some of the top technology trends in 2022 include the Internet of Things, which is helping manufacturers connect and monitor various production processes. Automation is another industrial technology trend taking center stage as more robots find their way into production channels. Finally, industry 4.0 is another industrial technology to watch out for as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in production processes takes shape.

Below is the industrial technology evolution to watch out for amid the digital revolution

What are examples of industrial technology?

Robotics and automation are emerging technologies in 2022 that are having some of the biggest impacts as leading industrial technology. The need to work smarter and leaner became evident in the aftermath of the pandemic calling for more automation of processes in industries.

Therefore, autonomous machines powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence have cropped up as the top technology trends in 2022. Driven by real-time data collection and analysis, the highly automated machines and processes rely on high-speed internet as the one offered by SpinTel to operate.

As one of the emerging technologies in 2022, robotics and automation has found great use in warehouse logistics and construction industries amid the need to work smarter, safer, and sustainably while connected to the internet.

Industry 4.0 is at the heart of the next industrial revolution representing the future of manufacturing and engineering. As a result, the need to achieve remote monitoring, live data streaming, and predictive maintenance is also rising in the race to enhance automation and production.

While Industry 4.0 is a leading industrial technology, it has also sparked big investments in 5G and 6G technologies, driving digital transformations in big and small companies. Moreover, the investments allow engineers to access the best connectivity supporting automation. For instance, SpinTel’s congestion-free 5G network is highly suited for running industry 4.0 applications, ideal for adopting new technologies into operations.

What is the most destructive industrial technology?

Amid the industrial technology revolution, destructive technologies have also cropped up, destroying the usage value of established techniques. The technologies also alter the way consumers, industries and businesses operate.

The rise of computing intelligence, powered by high-speed internet offered by SpinTel, has turned out to be a curse and a blessing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are a new technology in 2022 in computer science fuelling high levels of automation.

While industrial technology has enhanced production and efficiency in industries, it has also rendered many people jobless. AI and machine learning have also given rise to powerful machines that, if not properly handled and managed, can cause more damage than good when in bad hands.

Blockchain is an industrial technology that turns out to be a disruptive and destructive technology. The technology has enhanced anonymity in various operations, especially in the financial sector. As one of the top technology trends in 2022, ledger technology is disrupting the banking industry by getting rid of centralised frameworks.

Consequently, it has rendered third parties of the traditional financial sector useless in creating a decentralised ecosystem. Nevertheless, there is growing concern that industrial technology is also fuelling money laundering and being used by terrorists to move cash and finance various operations, as all transactions are anonymous.

What are the five dangers of technology?

While the future looks bright for manufacturers as industrial technology evolves, new risks are also cropping up by the day. The risks pose a significant danger in affecting the production and movement of products.

Amid the digital revolution powered by superfast internet, offered by SpinTel and other telecommunication companies, the cyber risk has also ballooned significantly. Network intrusion malware, among other hazards, are increasingly threatening industrial technology such as automation robotics.

Cyberattacks targeting emerging technologies in 2022 can severely affect production processes. The growing reliance on web-connected devices in manufacturing is expanding organisations’ attack surface. As a result, hackers increasingly target industrial control systems with malware and ransomware, affecting manufacturing processes.

Device hijacking is another danger of technology that occurs whenever malicious actors take control of an Internet of Things endpoint. Such attacks, if undetected earlier, can be the starting point of an attack that affects the entire network.

Data siphoning is another big issue at the heart of the industrial technology evolution. Hackers are increasingly targeting data being transmitted by industrial IoT devices. The attacks can have serious ramifications when hackers target sensitive data, especially in the defense and aerospace industries.

Similarly, as more industrial technology comes into use, the labor market is under pressure more than ever. Highly automated processes, all in the effort of enhancing production and efficiency, are rendering thousands of people jobless, which could pose a significant danger to the economy on increased unemployment rates. There needs to be a balance on the level of automation to enhance production while also creating new jobs that pressure the labor market.

SpinTel powering the next industrial revolution

The shift from 5G to 6G internet connections is already taking shape amid the Industrial 4.0 revolution. Likewise, industrial technology has changed significantly thanks to high speed internet powered by the likes of SpinTel enabling high levels of automation. Amid the revolution so have other issues cropped up that pose significant dangers if unaddressed.


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