Looking for an iPad Holder for your Car? - Here is Your Buyer's Guide

By Ned McRae

Looking for a way to keep your kids happy (and quiet) during long car trips, but don’t want to buy expensive, bulky and ugly headrest monitors? Then an iPad holder for your car is perfect for you. They can be quickly and easily installed onto your headrest to provide immediate entertainment for your kids, without you being distracted from driving.

If you need help finding the perfect iPad holder, then look no further as this is the definitive guide to iPad holders for cars.

What exactly is an iPad holder for cars?

An iPad holder for cars is a simple and cost-effective device that is solely designed to steadily hold your iPad or tablet in place while you are driving. They are typically made of a sturdy and lightweight material such as high-quality plastic or even aluminium to ensure durability and stability, but can also be made of a soft material like foam or neoprene with a strap that goes around your headrest. Some iPad holders for cars also have a case or cover that goes over the iPad to help protect it from the sun and other elements. iPad holders are typically very user-friendly as they are easy to install and can be rotated to change the viewing angle.

Features of an iPad holder for cars

iPad holders offer many features to ensure convenience and comfort on your car trip. You no longer have to awkwardly hold your iPad for your kids when you have an iPad holder. Here are the best features of an iPad holder for cars.

  1. Often universally compatible

Most iPad holders are compatible with any car, as they conveniently mount to the headrest of the front seat or the cup holder in the centre console. Most types of iPad holders also have a toolless design, meaning you don’t need any special tools or expertise to install it! They are also adjustable, so they are compatible with almost any tablet or iPad.

  1. Protects your iPad

Having a dedicated iPad holder in your car can help prevent any damage occurring to your iPad or tablet. There is no chance of your iPad being dropped or having something spilled on it as it will be securely held in place by the iPad holder.

  1. Adjustability

iPad holders offer unlimited viewing angles with 360-degree rotation and other methods of adjustability so that it’s in the perfect position for you to use. Whether you want to be able to see the screen clearly or have easy access to the controls, the holder can be adjusted to meet your needs.

What to look for When Purchasing an iPad Holder for Cars

The wide variety of iPad holders can be overwhelming. Here are some characteristics to consider when shopping for an iPad holder for your car.

  1. Quality

Quality is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing an iPad holder. There isn’t much point in getting a fancy iPad holder with lots of features if it’s going to break after just a few uses. And the last thing you want is for your iPad to go flying around the car while you're driving. Look for an iPad holder that has a sturdy mount that will keep your iPad securely in place. That’s why the quality is so important; it ensures you are able to receive great long-term use from the holder. It also means you won’t risk damaging your iPad due to a faulty, poor-quality holder.

  1. Cost

Cost is obviously an important factor for most people when purchasing any product. You have to find an iPad holder that will fit your budget however, it is important not to compromise on quality to make sure you have a good experience using the holder.

  1. Compatibility

iPad holders are usually compatible with all tablets, but if you have an unusually large or small tablet then it will be worth double checking the compatibility. Also, check whether the holder is compatible with your car.

  1. Features

You will require certain features based on your needs. For example, do you require a toolless design? Do you want to mount the iPad holder on your headrest or in a cup holder? Certain features must be taken into consideration to choose the option that suits you the best

Types of iPad Holders for Cars

When it comes to choosing an iPad holder for your car, there are a few different types to choose from.

One of the most popular types of iPad holders is the headrest mount, as they can be fitted to most cars, are easy to install, and provide endless entertainment for your passengers. They can offer some adjustability to suit your viewing needs and are relatively inexpensive.

Another type of iPad holder fits in your cup holder with an adjustable arm to position your iPad in the desired position. This is a very simple iPad holder that should be compatible with any car. It’s great for its versatility as it can be used for passengers in the rear seats and also by people in the front seat.

There are also some options for those that want to use their iPad while driving, whether it’s for navigation or music. Suction cup mounts are very popular as they are compatible with all cars and install in seconds. This type of holder attaches to your windshield or dashboard with a suction cup and features an adjustable arm that allows you to position your iPad at just the right angle.

There are also CD slot mounts. This type of mount fits into your car's CD player slot and also has an adjustable arm for positioning your iPad. These are convenient, however, they take up your CD slot, meaning you can’t play CDs.

No matter which type of iPad holder you choose, be sure to pick one that is specifically designed for use in cars. Some holders that are made for other purposes, such as tables or desks, may not be safe or stable enough to use while driving. With so many great options available, there's no reason not to have an iPad holder in your car!

Where to Purchase an iPad holder for Cars

iPad holders for cars can be found online on websites such as or These websites have a really large range with tons of options to choose from. They can also be found in some stores such as Kmart or JB Hi-Fi


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