iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB - Features, Price, More

By Ned McRae

If you are looking for the best smartphone, it does not get any better than iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB. The iOS device nails every aspect of what makes any smartphone great, from the design, display, fast performance, and epic battery life. Additionally, it is your kind of device if you wish to enjoy the full benefits of high-speed internet, as beamed by award-winning SpinTel in Australia.

While you might need deep pockets to get this one-of-a-kind smartphone, it is worth every cent going by the advanced features and specs in full display. In the iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB, Apple has poured all its latest hardware and software innovation into justifying the premium price tag. In addition, panoramic cameras and big batteries make the premium smartphone a perfect fit for videographers, among other users.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Design

The iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB packs ceramic and Gorilla glass stainless steel glass 12g heavier and 0.15mm thicker than the previous model. It comes with a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display packing 1284 x 2778 pixels’ resolutions and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio display with straight edges and chunky bezels. The phone runs on an Apple A15 Bionic chipset.

The screen comes stacked with a 120Hz refresh rate with a higher maximum brightness. A more prominent camera protrusion at the rear enables more extraordinary photography prowess. Unfortunately, it is a big phone unlikely to fit in a pocket, let alone hold comfortably in one hand.

As part of the design, it comes with Face ID hardware instead of a fingerprint scanner. Unlike previous iterations, the Face ID in iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB is relatively powerful, faster, and fully integrated into Apple’s ecosystem.

The smartphone also stands out on packing IP68, offering protection against dust and water. It also has a marginally better sound thanks to the front-facing Dolby Atmos speaker. A lightning port for fast charging and data transfer is also on offer. While there is no headphone, as has been the case recently, Appel still packs a power button, volume rocker, and mute slider.

Battery Life

One of the best-selling points of the iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB is its powerful battery, a big improvement over the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On offer is a Li-on 4352 non-removable battery that can support up to 28 hours of video playback and 95 hours of audio playback.

The battery supports MagSafe wireless charging and Qi wireless charging of up to 7.5W. One can also charge the phone via USB to a computer system or power adapter. Fast charge capability takes around 30 minutes for a 50% charge.


A Powerful iPhone 13 Pro Max camera puts the smartphone over the top, capable of supporting cinematic videos with a compelling bokeh aspect. On the design front, the bump is a prominent feature thanks to larger sensors.

The primary camera packs 12MP with 1.9µm pixels and a 26 mm equivalent f/1.5-aperture lens. It comes with a larger lens that lets in more light than before, which is crucial in photography. The lens is also faster and more prominent to work more efficiently, like SpinTel’s high-speed congestion-free internet.

The Telephoto and Ultra wide lenses also stand at 12MP. The smartphone also comes with a 12MP front camera that is perfect for selfies. It also comes with super-intelligent software for new photo and filmmaking techniques.

Given that Apple has been designing its devices with photographers and videographers in mind, you would always expect it to pack a powerful camera that is second to none in the market. However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB camera is the best argument for why people need to ditch the DSLR camera in favor of a mobile-first experience. When merged with high-speed internet from SpinTel customers can expect the best experience while taking photos and streaming content.

Network Technology

With the rollout of 5G connectivity across Australia, iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB would be a smart pick for anyone looking to enjoy high-speed internet from SpinTel and other providers. In addition to supporting LTE and GSM technologies, the high-end smartphones support 5G making it a perfect fit for streaming content and playing games.

Fast download and upload speeds are guaranteed for anyone subscribed to SpinTel’s 5G network on the congestion-free NBN plans.


While the standard options for most iPhones are usually 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, there is also an option with 1TB for people who need extra storage space for apps, videos, and high-resolution photos. It was the first phone to come with a 1TB storage capacity.

How Much Is iPhone 13 Pro Max right now?

With the unveiling of the iPhone 14, iPhone 13 price in Australia should continue to drop. Pricing starts at $1049 for the iPhone 13 mini 128GB version and $1219 for the 256GB version and $1569 for the 512GB version. iPhone 13, on the other hand, goes for $11229 128GB, $1399 256GB, and $1749 512GB.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB price in Australia is about $1600. The price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB can reach $2,700 depending on where one buys it. On the other hand, iPhone 13 Pro Max price in the Australian Apple Store starts at $699 or $29.12 before trade-in.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Amazon offers some of the best deals with pricing starting from as low as $800, depending on the seller. iPhone 13 prices in Australia in 2022 are expected to continue dropping with the unveiling of the iPhone 14 as Apple’s flagship smartphone.

Bottom Line

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB is one of the best smartphones in the market, with an incredible battery life and cameras that can do anything. It is available in a range of muted and elegant colors. It also supports all the latest wireless technology, including 5G making it easy for Australians to enjoy congestion-free internet, as beamed by SpinTel.

Despite a larger camera bump and the lack of a Touch ID, iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB is arguably one of the best and most powerful phones. A stellar display and excellent camera bigger batteries validate the high price tag.


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