By Ned McRae

The complexities of today's information technology requirements for organisations are multiple, especially those focusing on protecting sensitive customer and employee data. Besides cutting-edge security, networks must be reliable to save time and money while facilitating colleague collaboration.

It's the mandate of managing network services to provide scalable solutions that take these complicated IT requirements off your company's shoulders, so you can concentrate on meeting bottom-line goals. These third-party vendors monitor and maintain your organisation's infrastructure within the scope of network administration and operation.

Your company must look at the managed network services market for software and hardware management solutions with the support required to operate your business effectively. If you're increasingly dependent on technology, SpinTel offers some of the best Internet and PBX solutions that can help you meet your objectives while aiding the managed network services.

What are Managed Network Services?

Many businesses today don't have sufficient resources to source the necessary IT equipment, software, or technical expertise. Organisations outsource these services to managed service providers or MNSPs, physical or cloud-based servers, operating systems, or firewalls.

Managed network service providers or MNSPs include hardware, software, and network infrastructure provision and maintenance. It allows your organisation to operate IP-based communications network resources, storing and securing its backend data supported and managed by a service provider.

In this scenario, the hardware and software assets, personnel, and financial obligations remain in the managed network service providers' client's books. The MNSP operates IT network service remotely for an enterprise struggling to balance expense optimisation with significant performance and agility.

MNS (Managed Network Services) providers manage these network infrastructure components and tooling capacities as a single support contact point for installations, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Besides maintaining that ecosystem, managed network services companies will also include separate disaster failover sites offering operational resilience and disaster recovery.

What are the Standout Benefits of Managed Network Services?

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure, operational capabilities, and cyber-security to a managed network service provider. Top of these is that you'll have time on your hands to focus on your enterprise's core business operations without the distractions of keeping your ecosystem running. Moreover, a competent MNSP will effectively plan, design, and build your infrastructure, operating it from a remote Network Operations Centre or NOC.

Critical aspects of delivering these goals include service quality integrated with the processes, personnel, and tools to provide stellar service management. A mature managed IT service delivery platform like SpinTel comprises scalable components to provide full-stack monitoring and troubleshooting. These allow usability, scalability, and maintenance for your infrastructural capabilities, especially software or applications.

Alongside aspects like security, data audit, and protection or recovery services, such capacities offer your organisation clear advantages compared to cobbling solutions. Ensured quality and cost-efficient mechanisms provide structured, standardised, and repeatable solutions that satisfy your enterprise's requirements.

Examples of Managed Network Services

Managed network services are those functions of your company's IT infrastructure outsourced to a provider, ranging from basic infrastructural upkeep to cybersecurity solutions. In essence, such operations would require the maintenance of an entire team of professionals, so your enterprise benefits from human resource cost-cutting. As a result, you'll encounter fewer staffing expenses and infrastructural needs as the MNS provider completes the day-to-day tasks defined by your Service Level Agreement or SLA.

Network management services examples of sought-after managed networks services include:

Network Installation

Your cyber business network must remain reliable and secure to achieve efficiency, data integrity, and profitability. A managed network service provider will help your company maintain the network and provide essential upgrades to meet your business plans and goals.

Network installation involves computer connections, cabling, and integrated wireless services alongside device hardware and software support.

Server Maintenance

Enterprise servers are complicated and often require updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting to run efficiently. A managed network service provider maintains your server routinely to eliminate the chances of data loss or downtime.

An MNSP tests and runs worst-case scenario drills to uncover issues that may otherwise have proven costly to fix. Such maintenance keeps your cybersecurity at par with malicious actors' technology and prevents catastrophic network failures.

Virtual Phone Systems

Top managed network service providers handle your business calls online, which you access using desk phones, smartphones, or dedicated desktop and mobile apps. Virtual systems are unique as they work wherever there's an Internet connection, proving an affordable and effective way of streamlining team communications.

SpinTel offers a cloud-based phone system packed with enterprise-grade calling features designed to improve reliability.

Business Wi-Fi Installation

Strong, reliable Wi-Fi connections are essential in today's business environment and paramount for profit generation. If your enterprise experiences constant downtime due to loss of connectivity, it leads to costly frustration. Your small business-managed IT services can customise your commercial wireless connection services to suit your organisation's needs, boosting productivity and minimising operational expenses.

How Much Do Managed Services Cost?

Managed network services are subscription-based, often having yearly or several intricate factors determining multi-year contracts and prices. These include quality of service, geographic location, response time, amount of assistance an MNSP manages, and whether they're a cloud-managed service provider.

Since costs for managed network services are operational expenses, there's an offset in expenditure that would otherwise be used to purchase, install and maintain infrastructural components.

When deciding on managed network services, factors for consideration include your budget, your enterprise's needs, and the financial or legal risks of not fulfilling them. Since you can't afford to stay vulnerable or with constant network failures, select an MNSP that secures your infrastructure, allowing you to make money.


Managed network services consist of several individual support provisions for your business, including IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance. It's a cost-efficient measure that involves aspects of your enterprise's operations that would otherwise require a team of specialists on your payroll. Your organisation's performance is optimised by solutions that may include LAN, wireless networks, and managed gateways. Get in touch with SpinTel today and grow your business with our business bundle NBN plans.


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