How Do You Select the Best NBN 50 Plan?

By Ned McRae

The NBN 50 Plan is the most popular and common National Broadband Network (NBN) in many Australian households. With just over half of Australians settling on the plan underscores how reliable it is. It stands out as one of the best mainly because it offers plenty of bandwidth and speed for regular households. Award-winning ISP, SpinTel is one of the companies offering some of the best deals for the popular NBN plan

While NBN 50 is the most popular NBN plan, what exactly would you be getting on subscribing to any of the packages available in the market?

What Does NBN 50 Mean?

NBN 50 simply means a National Broadband Network plan that yields maximum download speeds of 50 megabits per second (Mbps) and 20Mbps on upload speeds. The 50Mbps speed is good enough for many households with more than four users. It can handle multiple streams, browsing, and gaming, among others. While accessing the internet during off-peak hours, one can have a 3-minute 1080p video clip uploaded in less than fifteen minutes, given the high NBN 50 upload speed.

Different providers are offering NBN 50 plans with different benefits and bonuses in the race for consumer dollars. The fierce competition, with frequent discounts and offers, leaves most consumers spoilt for choosing the right NBN 50 plan.

If you are an intensive internet user, SpinTel’s NBN 50 plan will be an ideal pick as it comes with unlimited data that provides peace of mind and is not expensive. It is among the cheapest NBN plans in Australia going for $54 a month, yet it offers upload and download speeds that support even the most internet-intensive operations. In addition, the package does not come with any setup fee let alone a contract.

Is NBN 50 Fast Enough?

NBN 50 is a fast enough broadband plan for internet-intensive households. The 50Mbps download speed and 20Mbps NBN 50 upload speed on offer is more than enough to download and upload very large files. It is also well suited for watching high-definition and 4K videos. The fact that the NBN 50 plans allow one to download a 1080P movie in less than three minutes affirms why it is one of the best packages for heavy internet users.

While there is a lot to choose from on the NBN 50-speed tier, SpinTel offers a cost-effective, congestion-free plan. In addition, unlike other providers, SpinTel guarantees a typical evening speed of 50Mbps during peak hours of between 7pm and 11 pm.  Therefore, you stand to watch all your favorite HD and 4K videos without any buffering because of slow internet speeds.

Is NBN 50 enough for 4K? Well, most NBN 50 plans are more than capable of supporting up to four 4K streams at the same time. Therefore, NBN 50 plan will always be a reliable choice for anyone looking to stream up to three 4K streams.  However, it is important to settle on a plan that does not suffer from any congestion issues for a better streaming experience.

If NBN 50 can stream up to four 4K streams, Is NBN 50 enough for gaming? It should never be a question. Upload speeds of more than 5Mbps are more than enough to handle most internet needs. Therefore, NBN 50 would always be up to the task to enable a swift gaming experience without any downtime. Furthermore, the fact that you don’t need a lot of speed to play games online as it is not a bandwidth-intensity activity makes NBN 50 an ideal option as it can support other internet-intensity activities.

How to Select the Best NBN 50 Plan

While selecting an NBN 50 plan, it is important to go with a reputable provider that offers a congestion-free and reliable internet connection. Reliable and high-performing service is crucial if one is to get the full value of the NBN 50 plan. SpinTel comes with all this attributes as an award-winning provider of NBN plans.

Additionally, one can always settle on providers that throw in perks and add-ons as part of the NBN 50 plan. Most NBN providers offer a six-month discount when a person subscribes for the first time. For instance, SpinTel offers $10.95 off the plan for the first six months, offering one of the best ways to save money.

Some telecommunication providers and internet service providers offer modems with 4G backup. Others offer free trials on streaming services. Some providers also provide NBN plans customized and optimized for gaming. Some of the perks to look out for when selecting NBN 50 plans include free trials of streaming services.

The best NBN plans guarantee the expected internet speeds during peak hours when there is too much congestion in the network. For instance, SpinTel’s NBN 50 plan does not fluctuate during peak hours, thus ensuring customers enjoy the recommended upload and download speeds. Therefore, subscribers are always guaranteed 50Mbps on download speeds and 20Mbps on the NBN 50 upload speed.

What Speed NBN do I need for Netflix?

Content streaming is becoming a big deal at a time when everything is online. Likewise, NBN connections, even the lower tiers, are more than capable of handling HD streaming on Netflix.

In most cases, Netflix and other streaming services only require 5Mbps for streaming full HD content and data rates of up to 20 Mbps for 4K ultra HD content. Consequently, NBN 50 would be more than enough for a seamless Netflix streaming experience. In addition, NBN 50 offers up to 50Mbps worth of download speeds, so one can connect several devices at once and stream Netflix content without connection challenges.

SpinTel For Reliable Congestion Free NBN 50 Plan

NBN 50 is arguably one of the best plans for large households with multiple users. It is ideal for streaming high-definition and 4K videos and for playing games online. Additionally, the higher upload speeds are well suited for working from home, especially for people who engage in video conferencing.

When selecting an NBN plan, it is important to settle on a provider that guarantees congestion-free, 50Mbps upload and 20Mbps upload speed. Award-winning ISP,  SpinTel ticks all the boxes in guaranteeing reliable and congestion-free NBN connections.


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