What Causes NBN Dropouts and How to Avoid Them?

By Ned McRae

NBN dropouts occur whenever devices are not able to connect to an NBN connection. While it can be a short-term glitch, there is also a prospect of lengthy network disruption. A lengthy NBN disruption affecting all devices could be the result of a hiccup from the network provider.

Since its inception, various scenarios have come into play that has made it difficult for people to enjoy stable and fast NBN connections all the time. While in some cases it might be the NBN network causing the disruptions, sometimes it could be down to other issues. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of how to check NBN dropouts

What Causes NBN Dropouts?

Devices experiencing dropouts

If only one device is experiencing NBN dropouts, then it could be an issue with that particular device. If the device is hard-wired to the router, it would be wise to double-check the wires to ensure everything is where it is supposed to be. You can always try another cable if the issue persists.

If all the devices are experiencing issues and are unable to connect to SpinTel NBN or to any other provider, the underlying issue could be caused by faulty wiring, loose connections whereby coaxial cable is not connected tightly to the modem or router, and network faults from the service provider. The use of adaptors and old leads can also lead to NBN dropouts.

Faulty Wiring

One of the main causes of NBN dropouts in most houses is usually faulty wiring. Unless the home is new and all the wiring made is up to date with the recent wiring specs, the prospect of experiencing NBN dropouts is usually high. Unlike in the past, the way the home should be wired to enable a stable and fast NBN connection is completely different.

How do I fix NBN problems?

For a home to enjoy a stable and superfast internet connection like the one beamed by SpinTel, it must be compatible with NBN FTTC, FTTN, and FTTB services. The best network terminations for reliable NBNs connection is one where there is a direct route from the NBN lead-in cable from the street and straight into a socket where a modem connects to the NBN connection.

The direct connection between the NBN lead-in cable and in-house modem ensures there is no network bounce which often leads to NBN dropping out every 10 minutes. The single straight line of connection from the NBN network to the lead-in cable goes a long way in boosting internet speeds by up to 50%.

Wi-Fi and NBN Dropouts

If you are using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, you might experience some issues in some rooms around the house or office. However, this won’t be a wiring or a NBN issue. This is mostly a connectivity issue that can be fixed by having wires run high-speed data cables inside the home to connect to Wi-Fi access points.

Additionally, many routers allow one to change Wi-Fi channels so that it does not interfere with other people's channels which could be causing the NBN dropouts. In the router manual, you can see that the default router channel is either 1, 6, or 11. If the channel is at number 1 and you are experiencing dropouts, simply switch to number 6 or 11 until you find a good connection.

While the strength of the Wi-Fi is normally related to the range of the signal that reaches the devices a WiFi booster can come in handy and boost the connection. By getting a Wi-Fi booster you can easily boost the Wi-Fi signal to reach all the rooms in the house or office.

Adaptors and Old Leads NBN Dropouts

Another potential cause of persistent NBN dropouts is the use of old three-pinned sockets. In this case, you will need an adaptor to connect a device to the NBN. The adaptors used to enable connections can cause all sorts of problems if not pushed all the way to make good connections between the copper parts. If the copper pins inside the adapter are discolored or tarnished, this will also be enough to cause a dropout.

The use of old leads to connect a device with an NBN connection could also be a source of dropout. It is important to only use the latest leads that come with the connected device and modem for the NBN connections.

Cheap Multi-power board

The use of cheap multi-power boards to connect all equipment can also lead to significant connection dropout to SpinTel connection or from any other provider. If you are using a cheap power board and one device has some kind of power surge, which sends feedback into the power board, it could cause a power spike into the NBN connection device enough to disrupt an NBN signal.

Network Faults

The Fibre to the Node is still connected to old and unmaintained cabling. The cables and joints used in this case have so many problems that often trigger NBN dropouts regardless of one being connected to SpinTel or any other ISP. The fact that these cables carry ADSL service and NBN service can also be the cause of NBN dropouts at night due to network congestion. Line attenuation problems especially for people who live far away from the node can also lead to dropout signals from time to time

While it might seem obvious moving the modem and router closer together could help avert NBN dropouts due to network issues. Wireless signals are easily obstructed by objects such as walls.

What to do when NBN drops out?

If you have so many devices plugged into one of the main sockets that you hardly use, it would be wise to unplug them. The items tend to draw in energy from the socket when they are fully turned on. Because wireless routers have 3 to 5 watts for internet access, this can result in slow speeds or no connection at all at times

Plugging the router into its own wall socket may make it work properly. In this case, you can be assured of a strong connection by your internet provider.

SpinTel for Congestion Free NBN Plan with No NBN Dropouts

If the router is not doing its job properly, there is a high likelihood of it experiencing NBN dropouts. The signal strength might also be low leading to loss of connections from time to time. However, if connected to SpinTel congestion-free NBN plans, a strong signal connection is always assured. The award-winning internet service provider has made a name for itself in offering high-speed wireless and NBN connections.


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