By Ned McRae

The NBN rollout across Australia has given everyone an opportunity to enjoy internet that is not only super fast but also stable and reliable. The only thing that remains after getting your NBN through an Internet service provider is an NBN enclosure.

What is NBN Enclosure?

All the equipment that enables NBN connection is usually housed inside a box or cabinet which is called an NBN enclosure. The main purpose of the NBN enclosure is to keep all the hardware required for NBN connection confined in one place. A good NBN enclosure should serve the purpose of accommodating all the hardware and also look aesthetically pleasing in the house.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an NBN Enclosure

1. NBN Connection Type

While selecting an NBN enclosure, it is essential to consider a couple of things to ensure the internet providered by SpinTel or any other provider ends up working correctly. The NBN connection types determine the NBN connection enclosure one settles on.

Fibre to the Node (FTTN) is the most common NBN connection type being installed around the country. The connection type involves street cabinets being installed in neighborhoods. It is in these cabinets that fibre optic lines run to the closest NBN Point of Interconnect (POI) .

In addition, it’s from the street cabinets whereby copper lines run directly to the house. The high number of lines running into and out of the cabinets calls for a much bigger cabinet and a much bigger NBN enclosure to ensure everything is secured inside free of any wetness or humidity.

The Fibre to the Premises FTTP connection is generally the highest performing NBN connection type. However, it may be quite expensive given the complexity of laying new fiber for each individual installation. In addition, it requires a specific kind of NBN enclosure as it includes a dedicated fibre optic cable that runs directly into the premises. An elegant and sturdy NBN enclosure would be needed as the NBN connection box is installed inside the house and connects to the modem or router.

2. NBN Enclosure Location

The network type is not the only thing to consider while selecting an NBN enclosure. It is essential to settle on an enclosure to house all the NBN hardware and wires.

In addition, the place where the NBN enclosure is to be installed is an important factor to consider. If it is to be installed in a bedroom, then it would be wise to go with one that does not emit too much light or sound.

If it is to be installed in an environment of large temperature variation then one should go with one that self-regulates temperature inside to ensure the equipment and wires are not tampered with.

If it is in a dusty area, then one should settle on an NBN enclosure that ensures the dust does not get in.

3. NBN Enclosure Design

The best NBN enclosures come with dual gear trays and removable gland plates to the top and the rear. A flush mount NBN enclosure is one of the simplest but most effective when it comes to protecting the contents of the connection box.

It is also important to ensure that the NBN enclosure comes with top and bottom vents to help in temperature regulation. Too much overheating in the compartment without sufficient air supply could be catastrophic in worst-case scenarios.

A small NBN enclosure would not be the right fit if the connection box is big and has a significant amount of cables and equipment that need covering. The enclosure should be big enough to ensure perfect covering.

Built Boards NBN enclosure is one of the best available at affordable prices and at all good electrical wholesalers. They come with sturdy construction and Wi-Fi-friendly designs that ensure you enjoy superfast internet speeds from SpinTel and other providers.

Where is the Best Place to Put the NBN Box?

The best place to install an NBN box is where there is sufficient space for easy cabling of the Fibre. This could be on the inside surface of an exterior wall. In addition, the location should be close to a dedicated power source.

Where the installation is made should also have ample space for opening the NBN enclosure so that when a technician comes to do all the settings, they can easily access everything. In addition, the NBN enclosure should be installed away from hazards, including areas where it might be knocked out or damaged.

What should the NBN Box Look Like When Working?

A properly installed NBN box will depict various color codes on the indicators to show the overall working conditions and the network strength. Most NBN boxes come with four lights. Ideally, all the lights on top of the NBN enclosure should be solid green.

If the NBN modem light is solid red, then it means the NBN connection box is working on a backup battery due to a power outage. A solid green coloring on the power means the power supply is working properly.

Similarly, if the optical part on the modem box is solid red, it means it has lost connection. A solid green indicator means the connection box is working correctly, and if it is flashing green, it means the connection box is loading.

Can I Move My NBN Enclosure?

It is possible to move an NBN box from one location to another. For instance, it can be moved to a much safer location if it was installed in a path of too many hazards that might cause damage to it. Similarly, if the location is interfering with the working of the NBN enclosure, then it is possible to move it.

However, while planning to move the NBN connection box, it is essential to engage your service provider to ensure the connection is not lost.

Are NBN Boxes House Specific?

No, NBN boxes are not house-specific. However, when moving into a new home and planning to install your own NBN box, you will need to contact a service provider such as SpinTel. This way, a technician will be able to code your NBN connection box to be able to work in the new home. Connecting the box directly won’t work until the technician codes it to enable connection with a service provider at the new address.

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