Your Ultimate Guide to NBN Graduate Program

By Ned McRae

National Broadband Network is one of Australia's biggest projects that has put the country on the map in the delivery of high-speed internet. The project replaced the old technology that counted on copper wires with much more reliable optical fibre. Therefore, internet service providers led by award-winning ISP, SpinTel can now deliver more reliable and high-capacity internet to almost every part of the country. Behind the network is a team of professionals that design, build and ensure broadband access. Likewise, an NBN graduate program is designed to equip people with the necessary skills around this game-changing broadband technology.

What is the NBN Graduate Program?

The NBN graduate program seeks to equip prospective candidates with the necessary skills and experience to work around Australia's largest broadband technology infrastructure project. While building out the access network was the beginning, there is a growing need for people to take the network to new heights while delivering world-class experiences.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for people with various skills needed to ensure the efficient operation of NBN technology. For example, engineers, data scientists, cyber security experts, IT specialists, and project managers’ auditors are some professionals working around NBN technology.

The NBN Graduate program 2022 is tailored to offer graduates an opportunity to discover more about NBN technology. Its ultimate goal is to integrate teams to work on diverse and meaningful work to help lift Australia's digital capability.

NBN graduate program 2023 is scheduled to begin in February next year. It is an 18-month program that offers the opportunity to accrue experience in different roles with various teams across the expansive NBNco network.

Each rotation is tailored to the candidate's academic discipline, career interest, and aligned future skills. The rotation seeks to hone the underlying craft while building the network and gaining valuable experience in different environments.

Requirements for NBN Graduate Programs

Like any other graduate program, The NBN graduate program 2022 has requirements that prospective candidates must meet.

The requirements include the following:

  • One must have completed an undergraduate program in the past two years or is due to complete the degree prior to pursuing the NBN graduate program. Some of the accepted disciplines include engineering, computer science, Information systems, and data science.
  • One must be an Australian Citizen or an Australian Permanent resident.
  • Prospective candidates must prove their ability to apply strategic thinking, enterprise agility, and digital and data literacy.

In addition, one must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively. People who work in the field interact with clients on a daily basis and thus must be customer friendly to attract and maintain clients on services offered by SpinTel and the like. Additionally, one should be able to think creatively and be a problem solver with an enterprise mindset. They should also demonstrate good values and ethics.

While applying for the NBN program assessment, one must upload their resume and copy of academic transcripts before being enrolled.

NBN Graduate Program Review

The NBN Graduate program seeks to inspire graduates with exposure to various stimulating and varied roles. Right from the connection types that enable congestion-free connection, such as the one offered by SpinTel to installation processes and the various internet speeds. Additionally, the program equips graduates with skills across several business areas within the NBN network.

Graduates end up working for a national company or Internet service providers such as SpinTel in various capacities. The program also provides opportunities to work with regarded professionals, developing varied skill sets in a dynamic environment.

Consequently, it helps prepare candidates for future career opportunities within the NBN network market while taking part in various purpose-built graduate workshops and networking opportunities.

The program also seeks to nurture a culture of integrity whereby innovation, inclusion, and personal development are top priorities. The people who qualify for the program come from all walks of life. Diversity is what has helped lift the country's digital capability. It has also helped even the playing field for people across the country.

Most NBN graduate programs in 2022 pair candidates with senior business sealers to help support their development. The business leaders mentor throughout the program and act as valuable points of contact and knowledge.

The mentors also share valuable insights on professional growth and help review strengths and opportunity areas. They also help in launching careers around the NBN network.

NBN Graduate Program Salary

Successful candidates from the NBN graduate program are eligible for competitive salary perks from the NBN company and other internet service providers such as SpinTel. The salary for NBN graduates depends on the roles. For instance, systems engineer can expect to earn between $98k and $149k while customer service representatives make between $39K and $56K

Network engineers working at SpinTel, NBN co, or other companies can earn between $74k and $144k, while Information Technology Managers earn an average of $119K. Solutions architects make an average of $133K, while field service technicians make between $50k and $95k. Field engineers make an average of $93,270.

In addition to the salary, NBN graduate employees are entitled to other benefits, professional development allowances, and discounted study opportunities. There is usually the freedom to explore various opportunities while helping connect street corners and businesses across the country with high-speed internet.

Bottom Line

The NBN network is Australia's biggest investment in delivering a high-capacity and reliable broadband network. The technology has helped Australians realize their dreams and spearhead the digital revolutions but also helped SpinTel and other ISPs deliver high-speed internet across the country.

The NBN graduate program provides a framework for impacting the necessary skills and expertise needed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the broadband network. The program has opened the door for many employment opportunities around the broadband network with some of the best-paying perks.


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