NBN Phone System - What is it? And How Does it Work?

By Ned McRae

National Broadband Network (NBN) is transforming the way people communicate in Australia. Contrary to perception, it is not limited to fast internet speeds. It also means a switch from analog to digital when it comes to phone calls. NBN phone system is the latest sensation that is helping save costs and open new opportunities for small businesses across Australia. However, for the system to work, it relies on quality internet like the one offered by award-winning ISP SpinTel to function.

What is an NBN Compatible Phone?

An NBN phone system is an IP-enabled phone system that allows phone calls to be made and hosted over the internet. The system stands out as there is no expensive hardware required. Unlike traditional phone systems, whereby the PABX box must be located in the office and all handsets wired back, the hosted phone system sees all data and programming hosted on the cloud.

The only requirement for making phone calls using the NBN phone system is to subscribe to NBN plans offered by service providers such as SpinTel. Once the internet connection is established and connected to phones or with the help of mobile apps or softphone apps, calls can be made.

In the past, you would have phone service and a data/internet service. Now you don't need to have the two to make calls and access the internet. Instead, NBN cloud PBX offered by SpinTel or any other service provider is used to carry the phone service and the internet.

While the hosted NBN phone system was reserved for large companies in the past, things are slowly changing. With the proliferation of high-speed internet as the one offered by SpinTel, it's become much more affordable for small businesses which are now able to run a hosted phone solution. As a result, competition has given rise to affordable phone plans that are cost-effective for the smallest of businesses.

NBN Phone System Features

One of the key features of an NBN phone system is that it comes with an auto-receptionist. Consequently, the system can answer all incoming calls with a customized greeting. The system also redirects calls to the right person or department when necessary. All incoming calls to a specific department can be routed to a specific handset and ring simultaneously or in sequence until answered.

Most NBN phone systems also come with an online portal that manages almost every aspect of the phone system, which only select employees have access to. It also provides a detailed list of all calls. In addition, a directory is usually on offer, which stores contact numbers and names, making it easier to call various contacts and identify incoming calls.

A softphone feature on an NBN phone system makes it easier to make and receive phone calls from a desktop computer or laptop. The feature alleviates the need to have handsets on each employee's working desk.

Some NBN phone systems come with a mobile phone app that makes it possible to make and receive business calls on mobile phones. The feature makes communicating with other people and departments easier using a handset.

How do I Connect my Landline to NBN?

Traditional phone systems that involve landlines consist of a physical box that lives in the office. The PABX systems traditionally used PSTN or ISDN to make and receive calls. As long as the PABX is IP compatible, which means it can send and receive digital data, it can be connected to an NBN internet.

Analog devices are not compatible with NBN. However, if you already have an analog phone system, there is no need to upgrade. With the help of an Analogue Telephone Adapter, you can easily convert data from your analog landline to digital and vice versa.

The modem must be compatible with NBN to connect to a landline if you live in Australia. In addition, ensure the modem has an extra phone port to connect the phone. If the modem and router don't have phone ports, you might need to contact SpinTel or your service provider about the type of equipment you need to connect the landline to NBN.

  1. Ensure the router is connected to your NBN modem if they are not connected
  2. Turn off power to the router and modem
  3. Connect the phone line to the Phone port on the router
  4. Switch power on your modem and router and wait for a few minutes for everything to boot

Depending on your service, you might have to contact the service provider to activate the NBN phone number. Contact the NBN internet service provider for further setup. In addition, your NBN phone number will be the previous landline number and won't change.

Do you need a VoIP phone for NBN?

No, you won't need a VoIP phone to connect to an NBN connection offered by SpinTel or any other provider. Most touch-dial handsets work with NBN connections. However, older-style rotary dial phones won't work on the network.

What happens to my landline on the NBN?

Contrary to perception, a landline won't be cut off without warning once an area has an NBN connection. In most cases, your phone provider will advise you on what to do when the NBN becomes available in an area.

There is usually an 18-month period to act before a fixed line service is severed. Similarly, if you do not have an NBN internet connection and want to maintain fixed line phone service and not switch to an NBN phone system, there will always be NBN phone plans to meet the requirements. Likewise, if you have booked an NBN connection with SpinTel or any other provider for an NBN phone system, your landline will not be severed until the NBN is connected.

Why an NBN Phone System

An NBN phone system powered by a superfast internet connection like the one offered by SpinTel enhances connection within a business and with the outside world. In addition to enhancing connections, it also minimizes upfront and installed costs as there is no need for costly equipment, long wires, or on-site servers.

Businesses with more than one branch need one PBX system to manage calls for all locations. The only requirement, in this case, is an NBN connection.

Is NBN a VoIP?

There is a big difference between NBN and VoIP. NBN is essentially the broadband network offered by SpinTel and other telecommunication companies. It is the latest iteration that is replacing copper wires and cable broadband.

It relies on optical fiber and other technologies to deliver superfast internet connections. NBN plans – compare is a sure way of ending up with an ideal plan that is not only cost-effective but reliable for use in phone calls.

On the other hand, Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows people to make and receive phone calls using a broadband network such as NBN. In his case, there is no need for a regular phone line as everything is done over the internet.

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