Useful Information About NBN Power Cord

By Ned McRae

A power cord or cable generally refers to the primary line that delivers power to the devices such as computers, monitors, printers, telephones, and components within their system. Upon subscribing to the NBN network, you get the proprietary connection box with supplied equipment, including the NBN power cord and a user guide.

The Anatomy of Power Cord

A power cord is electrical hardware that transfers direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). It typically features insulated copper wires with a non-conducive cover like plastic coating as protection. PVC-coated cords are heat-resistant and tough, making them the standard in the industry.  

A power cord uses a country-specific plug cable on one end, either hand-wired or moulded. In contrast, the other end features exposed conductor wires, flush or blunt cut conductors, and terminated conductors. It can be non-detachable (hard-wired) or detachable. The non-detachable comes with cordage, a strain relief device that secures the cord, and a plug. The detachable, also known as mains cord, line cord, or power cable, features a flexible cord with one male and one female connector at either end.

There are two types of cord sets:

  • Cord Set – It consists of an IEC 60320 connector (country-specific) on one end and a cable (country-specific) on the other end. It connects the device to the main supply directly.
  • Jumper Cord Set (Accessory Set) – It is like a jumper power cord, but rather than the plug end, the cable's end feature a connection device – the IEC 60320 connector and IEC 60320 plug connector. It transfers power from primary equipment to a peripheral or accessory.

Connection Box with NBN Power Cord and Backup Battery

In delivering seamless, high-speed broadband services to Australians, the National Broadband Network (NBN) Co Limited uses either a fibre-optic cable or a fixed wireless and satellite connection. You can stick to your current provider or choose a new one that offers a range of NBN plans.

Generally, three existing technologies connect households:

  • DSL or ADSL Connection - Pairs of copper wire that run to the local telephone exchange
  • HCF cable - Co-axial cable that also works to supply cable television
  • WiFi, WiMAX, or Satellite Technologies – radio and antenna waves

All these connections are categorised as “fixed broadband” for households. It has a cable, satellite dish, or antenna on a small box installed on the side of the residential building and a cable that connects to a modem to your computer device.

With NBN, the Network Termination Device or NBN Box is usually positioned within 3 metres of the power-point inside your premises. It has four internet and data ports and two phone ports. The power-point is the location of your broadband-enabled devices, which include computers, phones, and television.

The NBN connection box comes with a backup battery for Priority Assistance clients and those who want it. It powers up a corded phone for up to five hours and other devices connected to the data ports. Make sure that the Power Supply with Battery Backup's NBN power cord is plugged in to prevent disconnection, especially if you are doing business.

Getting Started

The supplied equipment can be set up differently to suit your requirements and building area. Once the NBN connection box is installed correctly, the company will advise your broadband service provider that it is ready for connectivity.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Use the designated ports to connect any compatible device to the NBN box. Follow the directions given by your internet and phone service providers. If the power light and optical light of your connection box glow green once you plug the NBN power cord, connections are successful.

2. Plug in your equipment, using the ports like modems and phones. Use the UNI-V or two voice ports using the RH-11 cables for phone services. To connect your broadband services, use the UNI-D or data port and other in-band video services using the Ethernet J-45 cables. Your broadband company will advise you where it designates the service line, including how to connect other equipment to enjoy the services.

3. Additional cables not included in the supplied connection box are provided by your service provider or yourself.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

For troubleshooting issues like seeing the red button lights on the box flashing, your broadband connection not working, or your device not connecting, check the user guide and follow the instructions to resolve any of them.

Maintaining the supplied box, the NBN power cord, and the optional Power Supply with Battery Backup is yours once installed.


  • Keep the NBN power cord plugged in with the power-point switched on. This prevents the battery from wearing out prematurely or the phone services and keeps the broadband data running even during power outages.
  • Keep the NBN power cord of the connection box plugged into the Power Supply to keep your broadband data or phone services active even during an emergency.
  • Check the indicator lights to know if the battery of the equipment needs a replacement.
  • Keep the overgrown shrubs or branches away from the NBN utility box and the fibre optic cable outside your property.
  • Do read the FAQs to answer other general questions.


  • Don’t unloop or touch the fibre to prevent damaging the connection. Simply unplugging or tampering with the NBN power cord will damage the system.
  • Don’t paint or cover the NBN connection box, NBN power cord, or the power supply. However, you can paint the front cover with acrylic or PVA water-based paint, but you need to remove it first.
  • Don’t use water to clean the supplied equipment.
  • Don’t place anything on the top of the NBN box to avoid reducing the minimum ventilation that can cause it to operate above average temperature.
  • Don’t unplug the connection box and power supply's NBN power cord unless you will not be using it for an extended period or need to replace the battery.
  • Don’t try digging the area outside your property to prevent accidental damage to the underground fibre cables.


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