Give Your Phone Adapter a Long Life with These Tips

By Ned McRae

Charging a device properly is key to ensuring battery health, long life, and increased safety. So while the focus is usually on protecting the smartphone battery, the phone adapter is equally important. It is a vital tool that ensures electric charges are transferred into the phone to make calls, read texts, and even browse the internet while connected by an award-winning ISP- SpinTel or any other provider.

As your purpose is to ensure long battery life, you should also look to protect the phone adapter to avoid unnecessary costs of being forced to repurchase a new one.

What is a Phone Adapter?

A phone adapter is a device that helps a charger connect to a power source or power outlet. While visiting some countries, you might be forced to first connect a special device in the wallet socket to place a charger. The device, in this case, is the phone adapter

The device provides the power supply and helps convert one type of voltage to another. For instance, the current in the wallet socket is usually AC; the adapter will convert the power into DC voltage which is concurrently used to charge the smartphone battery.

Therefore, when visiting different countries with different power outlays, you will use the phone adapter to address the different outlet shapes. However, it is important to note that some adapters don't have any means of charging a battery. Instead, they act as a power source.

Every smartphone charger will work everywhere as long as it is plugged into the correct adapter into the socket. Therefore, it is important to ensure the adapter prongs fit perfectly into the wall socket without having to force anything to charge correctly and ensure long service life.

Taking care of the phone adapter is essential to ensure the phone charger functions properly. For instance, it is important to ensure the adapters don't overheat when plugged into the socket. It is also important to plug them softly and properly into the socket to ensure they don't break or get distorted.

Are all Power Adapters the Same?

Power adapters are not the same as they come with different electrical ratings and shapes. Therefore, it is important to be cautious while selecting third-party phone adapters. While buying, always ensure that the device's input voltage and current matches what is written on the phone adapter on voltage and current. Most come with an output DC voltage of 20V and input AC voltages of about 100V.

Settling on a phone adapter with a higher or lower voltage of current rating could lead to some malfunction while charging. For example, an adapter supplying electricity at a higher voltage will often cause the device to run hotter. In addition, charging a phone at a higher voltage can shorten the device's lifespan and could fry internal circuits.

Additionally, never select an adapter with a different current rating. A phone adapter that delivers a lower current than the device requires will often force the phone to try and draw more current than the adapter can manage. In this case, the adapter can overheat and may fail to power or struggle to stay on. However, you can select an adapter with a higher current rating than the device as long as both devices are at the same voltage rating.

What is the Difference between an Adapter and a Charger?

Unlike some phone adapters that don't have any means of charging a phone, a charger plugged into the adapter will charge a phone battery. Once connected, the charger will convert the AC to DC power and use it to charge the battery.

In addition, phone chargers regulate the amount of current coming from the phone adapter or wallet socket when connected directly. In most cases, the wall socket is rated as 240V or 120V. If a smartphone requires 5V for charging, the charger will step down the voltage for charging purposes. USB-C is considered a fast charger for Android phones as it enables ultra-charging capacity without overheating. The charging speeds are supplemented by faster data transfer with speeds of up to 5Gbps

One big difference is that phone chargers can be specific to the type of device they charge. So, for instance, an iPhone charger might not charge a Samsung phone. However, a phone adapter can work on multiple chargers as long as it is mounted to the wallet socket.

In addition, some phone adapters come with no internal elements that are used to store power. They only act as a way of propagating power for charging. In contrast, chargers convert the voltage used in charging. However, a charger adapter price could be slightly more given the dual functionality.

What is a USB Power Adapter?

Technological innovation has also given rise to USB power adapters that are proving to be an adequate replacement for normal phone adapters. One distinctive advantage of USB power adapters over normal adapters is that they can be used to charge phones.

Apple USB power adapters are the most popular as they allow users to connect directly to devices and into the wallet socket via lightning cable to charge. While most come with a compact design, they offer fast, efficient charging. It is considered a fast mobile adapter as it allows devices to charge faster than usual. However, you might need to buy a charging cable separately to charge.

What are the Different Types of Phone Chargers?

While phone adapters can work with any phone, it is not the case with phone chargers. Consequently, there are different types of phone chargers used in different phones.

Micro-USB Cables

They are the most popular and common chargers used to charge an array of phones. While small in size, they are used in mobiles and other gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers. It is important to insert them the right way into the port to charge properly. They stand out from mini-USB as they can charge and support the transfer of large amounts of data at the same time.

Type-A Charger Cable

They are rectangular in shape and consist of pin connectors at the bottom. They are the most common types of USB cables present in most devices like smartphones and computers. While the cables are stiff, they are compatible with certain types of ports.

Type-B Charger Cable

Type B Charger cable is common in large devices like printers, scanners and external storage devices. However, the cables are becoming obsolete with the invention of modern devices and other types of chargers.

USB Type C Charge

Considered a fast charging adapter Type C, USB Type C is becoming increasingly popular and common among most mobile phone manufacturers. They boast of an array of advantages, including fast charging times.

They are also more powerful than the previous USB cables. The fast charging adapter Type C stands out as it can be inserted upside down without the risk of damaging a phone. However, the charger adapter price might cost more compared to the other chargers.

Quality Adapter To Access SpinTel’s Superfast Internet

While using the right phone adapter is essential to ensure proper charging of the underlying devices, connecting to a reliable and fast internet connection is equally important. SpinTel stands out as an award-winning internet service provider that offers congestion-free NBN plans. It is also powered by super-fast 5G and 4G nationwide networks; therefore, while sourcing for a quality phone adapter, be sure to settle on a reliable ISP.





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