Phone and Internet Bundle for Business - Is It What Your Business Needs?

By Ned McRae

The Internet is not just a tool for browsing but also an important communication medium. In the digital era, businesses and companies need phones and the Internet to stay in touch with suppliers, customers, and employees. When cutting costs is crucial, settling for a phone and Internet bundle for business is essential rather than paying for each service separately. SpinTel is one company always at hand to tailor phone and Internet bundles to business needs, thus saving money and time.

The idea of a phone and Internet bundle for business is not new. People have been bundling TV, phone, and Internet service for years, saving significantly on their bills. Some benefits always on offer include discounts on services when dealing with reliable service providers such as SpinTel. The prospect of dealing with one account monthly instead of two is also enticing.

While selecting a provider for business bundle packages, it is essential to read the fine print to ensure you get the best deal for the phone and Internet bundles. Sometimes it might be cheaper to pay for the two separately than bundling them with a given provider. Bundling can only make sense when you end up with one or more services at a drastically reduced price.

It is also essential to check the expiry of the phone and Internet bundle for business on offer. A bundle that lasts less than the time advertised will not make sense economically. Therefore, ensuring you are getting what was advertised is essential.

Can you bundle your Internet and cell phone?

Telecommunication companies are increasingly bundling various phone and Internet service packages. The single reliable communication plans allow businesses to save a lot on phone calls and Internet bills and the convenience of only paying one bill.

The prices for phone and Internet bundles for businesses vary from one provider to another based on the quality and service up for grabs. Award-winning ISP,  SpinTel offers one of the best phone and Internet bundles for businesses. The no lock-in contract is free to join and leave and comes with NBN plans that are congestion-free and reliable during peak hours.

What is the best Internet and cable service?

Before buying or subscribing to Internet and cable service, there's much to consider. For starters, it is essential to ensure whether the pricing for new customers is promotional or standard. If it is promotional, the phone and Internet bundle for business will cease, and new pricing will kick in. In most cases, the price might increase.

Unless the price is for life, make sure to be clear about the final price after the promotional period. The downside of promotional pricing is that the price increase can occur even if one has committed to a two-year contract.

The best service provider is one that offers so many options for phone and Internet bundles for business. Various options make it easy to choose the best package that addresses underlying needs and is cost-effective. SpinTel offers a variety of small business bundles highly suited for different business needs.

Additionally, it is vital to only settle on a phone and Internet bundle for business that makes sense. While most providers offer monthly rather than long-term contracts, it is better to decide on one that makes sense economically. Additionally, settling on a minor contract is better, as terminating a long-term contract earlier can lead to early termination fees.

The best Internet  service would be one that does not impose data caps. Caps limit the data customers are allowed to consume each month. Once the limit is exhausted, the provider may impose an additional charge for every data confirmed.

Is it cheaper to bundle Internet and phone?

Financial savings is one reason to consider a phone and Internet bundle for business. Bundling the two can reduce the total cost of the services by as much as 5%, depending on the service provider. In addition, most companies bundle the two to encourage consumers to pick them over individual benefits. Therefore, business bundle packages are always cheaper than separate packages.

However, how affordable the business bundle packages are will always depend on what is of utmost importance. If the Internet is the only thing the business uses, it will be wise to only subscribe to an Internet package. If it is the phone service that the business needs, it would not make sense to subscribe to a phone and Internet bundle for business packages

How much does a phone and Internet cost?

Some telecommunication companies and Internet service providers in Australia offer phone and Internet bundles for businesses. However, some offer business Internet in the form of NBN plans and call pack add-ons at an extra cost.

The costs of the phone and Internet bundles start from as little as $59 a month to about $160. The difference in price stems from the Internet speeds on offer with some of the packages. For instance, service providers offer high Internet speeds of up to 250Mbps as part of the bundled packages.

SpinTel for the cheapest Internet and cable package

SpinTel stands out as one of the cheapest providers of small business bundles that are not only cheap but also reliable. For as little as $79 a month, businesses can enjoy unlimited data with speeds of up to 50Mbps and unlimited calls on Australian calls.

The service provider has received several awards for its commitment to offering one of the best phone and Internet bundles for business.


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