How to Reset an NBN Box? Step-by-Step Guide

By Ned McRae

If you have signed up for an NBN plan, it can be quite frustrating if you are not able to enjoy the recommended internet speeds, let alone get a connection. Slow internet speeds and inability to connect can be due to several factors which might require you to reset the NBN box.

Common NBN Connection Issues

While it’s common for people to complain about slow speeds, connection issues, and unstable internet or phone services, it is important to understand the trigger. One probable cause of such problems is network congestion that tends to occur during particular times of the day.

NBN connections tend to slow down in the evenings when more people are at home streaming, surfing, uploading, and downloading large files. As more people connect to the internet, the speeds can decline significantly compared to other periods of the day. While it’s common for people to try and reset the NBN box when they experience slow internet speeds, such actions might not cure the situation as the problem is with the service provider.

By law, service providers are required to disclose their expected internet speeds at peak periods. SpinTel, on its part, guarantees 15Mbps, typical evening speed, regardless of network congestion for its lower-tier NBN plan. In addition, for its $49 a month NBN plan, the provider guarantees 25Mbps and 100Mbps typical evening speed for its $69/mth NBN plan.

In addition to network congestion, the distance from the node in the case of Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connection can also affect internet speeds and the performance of the NBN plan. In the case of FTTN connections, copper wires are used to transmit the internet. If it’s a long distance and the wires are in bad condition, even if you reset the NBN box, connection speeds might not improve.

If you are using a speed tier that is not high enough and connects many devices to the internet, even if you reset the NBN box, you will still experience slower speeds. Therefore, connecting to a higher tier like SpinTel’s 100Mbps NBN plan is important if you wish to connect many devices.

Depending on the kind of NBN box lights flashing, one can ascertain the issues that might affect the connection. When an NBX box starts, each light should flash as it indicates it is trying to connect to an NBN network. Once one’s connection is ascertained, it should go green.

Troubleshooting NBN Connection Issues

You might want to contact your service provider if you are experiencing connection issues and slow internet speeds during the day. If the problem emanates from the service provider, the problem will persist even if you reset the NBN box. SpinTel’s customer desk is always on the dial, ready to address customer issues through various channels, including WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and calls.

If you are connected to a lower NBN plan, you might want to consider much higher tiers. This is because speeds differentiate the cost of most NBN plans. The higher the amount of money one is willing to spend, the faster the internet speeds are likely to be. The cheaper the plan, the slower the internet speed is likely to turn out. Therefore even if you were to reset the NBN box, you will still experience connection issues if your NBN plan doesn’t match your Internet needs.

In some cases, the service provider or NBN plan might not be the cause of the connection or slow speed issues. If this is the case, it would be wise to reset the NBN box to eliminate any problems that might be affecting the NBN performance.

Check router and Wi-Fi Set up

In some cases, NBN broadband, as beamed by SpinTel or any other provider, could be reaching your house at maximum speed but getting slowed down by how the router is set up. If you have no connection, check if the Wi-Fi is turned on before considering resetting the NBN box. You might also want to check if all the wires are plugged in and try a power cycle by turning the router off and on.

Even before you think of resetting the NBN box, you might want to consider placing the router at the center of the home to shorten the distance Wi-Fi travels to all rooms and connects to devices. It would be wise to place the router in a room where all the devices are used. If the problems persist, then reset the NBN box.

How to Reset NBN box

Re-setting the NBN box amounts to restarting the entire unit. It is an effective way of resolving all the issues that are not a result of the service provider.

How do I restart my modem or NBN connection box?

  1. Turn off the power to the NBN box at the wall outlet
  2. Disconnect all the power cables from the NBN box for 2 minutes
  3. After 2 minutes, reconnect the cables
  4. Turn on the power back to the NBN box power supply

The NBN box will take up to five minutes to come back. If the network connection was not a result of issues with your service provider, everything should be back to normal. In some cases, the NBN box not working could signal a much bigger problem. This would be the right time to contact the internet provider.

What happens if I reset the NBN box?

Once you reset the NBN box, you will re-establish your internet connection. Rebooting clears any issues that might have affected the connection or triggered slow internet speeds. One of the benefits of rebooting includes improved browsing and download speeds.

Is there a reset button on an NBN modem?

Some NBN boxes come with a reset button. In this case, you won’t need to turn off the power and disconnect all the cables for five minutes to get rid of any issues that might be causing connection issues or slow internet speeds.

To Reset the NBN box you only need to get a pin and push it in the small hole labeled reset. Pressing the pin into the hole for 10 to 15 seconds will reset the NBN box and resolve any temporary device issues that might be causing connection issues. This is the same procedure used to reset the NBN box FTTC as it comes with a reset button.

What does an orange light on my NBN box mean?

When the NBN box is connected to power, sometimes the light might appear orange rather than green, which is fine. In addition to indicating power connection, the Orange color may signal a device of up to 10/100Mbps is plugged in. The light will flash during data transfer.

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