By Ned McRae

Whether you're in the market for a new ISP or just want to compare your current provider's plans to what else is out there, do read on to see our SpinTel vs Belong comparative review.

SpinTel and Belong: Basic Plan Offerings

SpinTel and Belong are fixed and wireless broadband internet access providers, but their coverage areas differ slightly. When choosing between SpinTel vs Belong features, here’s what these two providers have to offer:

SpinTel Plans

SpinTel is a Independent telecommunications company that offers residential/business broadband internet, mobile, and home phone services. It offers both 4G and 5G connectivity. In 2014, it launched its NBN service bundle, which continues to be one of its most in-demand services.

SpinTel is one of Australia’s most trusted internet service providers and has received numerous recognitions and awards. These include Money Magazine’s Best Value Broadband Plans, WhistleOut Award for Best Home Wireless Broadband Provider, Mozo’s Expert Choice Awards for Standard Plus, and many more.

SpinTel has two types of plans offerings fixed and wireless. Here’s what SpinTel’s residential plans currently offers:


15 Mbps - $49.95/Mth ($44 first 6 /Mths)

25 Mbps - $59.95/Mth ($49 first 6 /Mths)

50 Mbps - $64.95/Mth ($54 first 6 /Mths)

100 Mbps - $84.95/Mth ($69 first 6 /Mths)

Unlimited data

Free setup

No contract


7GB - $14.95/Mth ($5 off first 3 /Mths)

40GB - $29.95/Mth ($5 off first 3 /Mths)

200GB - $54.95/Mth ($5 off first 3 /Mths)

500GB - $59.95/Mth

(Requires a SpinTel Netgear AC800S)

4G network access

No contract


20 Mbps – Unlimited $59.95 monthly ($10 off first 3 mth)

100 Mbps – Unlimited $79.00 monthly ($10 off first 3 mth)

225 Mbps – Unlimited $90.00 monthly ($10 off first 3 mth)

4G-5G network

No lock-in contract

Unlimited data

Belong Plans

Belong is a broadband provider that is owned and operates under Telstra. It is known as its discount broadband brand. It started in 2013, intending to enter the competitive home broadband market and provide value ADSL and NBN network services.

Belong provides ADSL2+ and NBN plans on its network via over-the-top (OTT) virtual circuit technology provided by Ericsson in metropolitan areas where the NBN has been rolled out. This gives them more flexibility than other providers.

Here’s what Belong currently offers:


20GB - $15 monthly

100GB - $35 monthly

500GB - $75 monthly

Use any compatible device

Data gifting/sharing allowed

No calls or SMS, pure mobile data


25 Mbps - $60 monthly

48 Mbps - $70 monthly

95 Mbps - $90 monthly

Unlimited data

Free setup

No contract

Points of Interest: SpinTel vs Belong

● SpinTel offers more types of plans than Belong

● SpinTel provides up to 100 Mbps NBN plan while Belong only offers up to 95 Mbps

● SpinTel provides wireless home internet over Optus’s network

● SpinTel offers cheaper plans

● SpinTel offers business plan bundles

When comparing the speed tiers on SpinTel vs Belong, both ISPs have different offerings on NBN and mobile internet speeds.

Their pricing structures may be different; however, they both provide value-added features such as free activation fees, free modem shipping costs, and 24/7 support teams available via phone or email.

Each provider offers a similar range of standard equipment, such as modems sold separately or bundled when signed up for any plan.

Value for Money

If you're looking for better value for money between SpinTel vs Belong, your best bet is SpinTel, and here are some of the reasons why:

SpinTel is cheaper than Belong

The SpinTel NBN bundle plan with unlimited data and 100 Mbps costs $84.95 per month (pay only $69 for the first 6 months), while Belong costs $90 per month at 95 Mbps. You will see a big difference in value once you checkout for either a monthly or a yearly subscription.

The SpinTel plans come with more data than Belong

Both providers offer a maximum of 500GB data plans per month provided you have a 4G-compatible device. The more expensive option from Belong gives you 500GB at $75 per month, while SpinTel gives you 500GB for only $59.95 monthly. However, SpinTel requires a SpinTel Netgear AC800S for this plan option.

If you're worried about going over your limit or needing extra data, you can purchase additional data upfront.

Both SpinTel and Belong offer a range of other services, including home phone and entertainment and streaming services for TV, movies, games, music, and more!

Final Verdict: SpinTel vs Belong

Here’s the final verdict on SpinTel vs Belong, considering the points of interest mentioned above.

SpinTel is better for people who want better value for money. SpinTel’s plans are cheaper and very straightforward, but they don’t come with all the bells and whistles that Belong plans offer.

SpinTel is great if you use the internet regularly and need more data each month—it offers good value compared to other providers out there at this point in time! They are also well-known throughout Australia, so getting help from them won't be an issue either!

SpinTel and Belong are both great internet providers, so the choice comes down to what you need from your service. If you're looking for a reliable connection between SpinTel vs Belong that allows you to stream content on multiple devices simultaneously, then SpinTel may be right for you.

Here’s a summarised comparative look at the two provider’s offerings.

NBN Plans

Mobile Plans

Mobile Data Plans


15 Mbps - $49.95 monthly

25 Mbps - $59.95 monthly

50 Mbps - $64.95 monthly

100 Mbps - $84.95 monthly

5GB - $12.95 monthly

17GB - $20 monthly

50GB - $35 monthly

80GB - $50 monthly

200GB - $65 monthly

7GB - $14.95 monthly

40GB - $29.95 monthly

200GB - $54.95 monthly 500GB - $59.95 monthly


25 Mbps - $60 monthly

48 Mbps - $70 monthly

95 Mbps - $90 monthly

20GB - $25 monthly 40GB - $35 monthly

100GB - $45 monthly

20GB - $15 monthly

100GB - $35 monthly

500GB - $75 monthly


At the end of the day, you want to choose an internet service provider that caters to your individual needs. So, while we’ve outlined some key highlights on SpinTel vs Belong, ultimately you need to decide which provider is right for you. That said, do check out SpinTel’s cheaper internet and data bundles and find out why it has come out as a better choice in our final verdict.


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