SpinTel vs. Exetel - Detailed Comparison

By Ned McRae

As our day-to-day business and operations, including work, shopping, entertainment, communications, etc., are continually moving to the cloud, choosing the best telecommunications and internet provider is more important than ever. Unfortunately for us, not all providers offer a one-size-fits-all solution for all our internet needs for the home, so comparing providers for the features and plans they offer is essential before choosing.

This blog will help you look at the benefits and advantages of two of Australia's telecommunications and internet providers: SpinTel vs. Exetel. We'll look into each feature, from NBN, mobile sim plans and 5G wireless internet, to help you narrow your choices to what will best fit your lifestyle and needs. SpinTel vs. Exetel, let’s get started!


The first network in our SpinTel vs. Exetel comparison is SpinTel. If you are looking for a provider that has been around for a quarter of a century and offers affordable internet speed at almost bargain prices, then look further than SpinTel. SpinTel has been around since 1996 and continues to provide congestion-free internet for households and businesses.

Mobile and Mobile Internet

The first feature to cover is SpinTel's array of cost-effective mobile sim and mobile internet plans. You can choose five options: you pay monthly with no limit to making calls and texting all your loved ones or for your business.

The cheapest gives you a consumable 5GB of data that is capped once you reach the limit, so there will be no worry of any added cost. As you choose a plan that offers a higher data limit, SpinTel will give you discounts that could add to your savings monthly.

Broadband Network

The most noteworthy NBN plans SpinTel offers are the NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans that will be amazing for households. SpinTel's NBN plans are known to be one of the fastest in Australia, with 50 and 100 Mbps evening speed time, depending on your plan of choice. SpinTel's NBN plans are some of the fastest internet speeds but are still some of the most affordable options for premium speeds.

This provider is for you if you are looking for a no-frill internet connection. SpinTel only offers a bundle discount that can help you save money if you are going for one of their mobile plans, plus adding an NBN to boot.

SpinTel extended its discounted bundles for all small business solutions. This way, small business owners will have access to the internet plus a telephone to manage all their workings and orders.


Although Exetel is not a big name compared to many Australian telcos, it used to be the country's biggest independent internet provider. Today, Exetel is now merged with the Superloop telco group giving it the benefit of faster internet speeds.

Mobile and Mobile Internet

Exetel offers four mobile sim with mobile internet plans. With a minimum of 4GB for the cheapest plan and 40GB for the most expensive bundle. Although it is more costly than SpinTel's offerings, Exetel allows data rollover.

With data rollover, all the excess data you didn't use for the month can be transferred to add to another data cycle to ensure that you do not waste any data.

Let's say you left at least 1.6 to your standard 4GB mobile plan. This 1.6 will be transferred to the next plan cycle, so you have 5.6 gigs of data consumable for that new monthly cycle.

Broadband Network

Exetel is more expensive, and though it claims to be the fastest NBN provider in Australia, consumers only gave it a 1.9 stars (out of 5) rating. It boosts the same evening speed as SpinTel at 50 and 100 Mbps for the 50 and 100 NBN plans, giving you a seamless overall internet speed and experience, which is essential for people working from home.However, between the two, SpinTel received a way better rating from consumers.

In the SpinTel vs. Exetel debate, SpinTel might win in the round of affordability and value to money.

Exetel offers fibre internet solutions for people living in apartments and other housing services. You can choose from five fibre options, from plans perfect for everyday use to plans that offer lightspeed internet for work and business solutions. Fibre plans also provide extra if you want to add a modem or even a phone service for your home, complete with the internet plan.

SpinTel vs. Exetel- An Honest Comparison

SpinTel vs. Exetel SpinTel Exetel
Plans SpinTel plans range from NBN, mobile sim plans to exclusive bundles for small businesses to help them save more. Exetel offers plans for mobile and NBN, although a hair fewer choices compared to SpinTel; however, Exetel offers fibre connections.
Affordability SpinTel is the most affordable and value-for-money, offering fast speeds for home and business use.
Please see the table below for a more comprehensive discussion on SpinTel and Exetel’s plans.
Exetel is more expensive, but it gives what it advertised: fast internet for a price.
Customer Support SpinTel doesn't have an entire brick-and-mortar store but offers customer support through calls, chat, and social media handles. Exetel's support is limited to calls and emails sent by clients and answered by the company
Rating According to, SpinTel is more preferred over Exetel in value for money, transparency, customer service, and speed. Here, SpinTel got a rating of 4.1 out of 5. 3,334 out of 4,923 reviewers even gave the company a 5-star rating. Also, still based on, Exetel only scored an average of 1.9 out of 5, with 717 out of 1,053 reviewers giving the company a score of 1 out of 5.
Flexibility Both SpinTel vs. Exetel offer no lock-in contracts giving customers flexible options whether they want to continue or cancel their subscription.

Check out SpinTel’s pricing scheme below:

NBN 15Mbps: $44.00 for the first 6 months, increase to $49.95 from the 7th month
25Mpbs: $49.00 for the first 6 months, increase to $59.95 from the 7th month
50Mbps: $54.00 for the first 6 months, increase to $64.95 from the 7th month
100Mbps: $69.00 for the first 6 months, increase to $84.95 from the 7th month
No contract
Unlimited data
MOBILE INTERNET 7GB: $5.00 off for the first 3 months, increase to $14.95 from the 4th month
40GB: $24.95 for the first 3 months, increase to $29.95 from the 4th month
200GB: $49.95 for the first 3 months, increase to $54.95 from the 4th month
4G network access
No contract
HOME INTERNET 20Mbps: $49.95 for the first 3 months, increase to $59.95 from the 4th month
100 Mbps: $69.00 for the first 3 months, increase to $79.00 from the 4th month
225 Mbps: $90.00 for the first 3 months, increase to $100.00 from the 7th month
Unlimited data No lock-in period
4G and 5G networks

Here are Exetel’s plans and prices:

NBN Basic NBN: $59.95 per month ($10 off for the 1st 6 months)
Everyday NBN: $59.95 per month ($10 off for the 1st 6 months)
Extra Value: $69.95 per month ($16 off for the 1st 6 months)
No contract
Unlimited data
MOBILE INTERNET 4GB: $16 per month
15GB: $22 per month
28GB: $28 per month
40GB: $34 per month
Use any compatible device
Unlimited call and text
HOME INTERNET 25/5Mbps: $59.95 per month
50/20Mbps: $69.95 per month
100/20Mbps: $84.95 per month
100/40Mbps: $94.95 per month
Unlimited data No lock-in period
4G and 5G networks

Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Broadband Network Provider

The first factor you need to consider before choosing between SpinTel vs. Exetel is what planyou need. Are you looking for a mobile sim plan or a full NBN setup?

The next thing is looking at the range of prices. The price will differ depending on what type of service you want, how fast you want your internet to be, or whether you want an add-on to come with it, like a telephone for all your business calls.

The third factor is the customer support which is essential to solving problems, from billing concerns to technical support. The more avenues an internet provider has in communications for the clients, the easier it will be to get help from them.

The last thing to consider is flexibility and whether there's a contract involved, like a minimum time frame you need to meet to subscribe, etc. Flexibility will also matter if you want to change your mind and flip to a new plan.

Final Thoughts

Comparing things side by side is the best way to make informed decisions. The debate of choosing between SpinTel vs. Exetel goes beyond this article, and it's essential to consider what you need to ensure that the choice is tailored for you.

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