SpinTel vs. Tangerine - Comparing the Plans!

By Ned McRae

More and more National Broadband Network (NBN) providers are offering high-capacity internet at homes, offices, and industries as the race to replace copper wires and cable heats up. The competition has never been stiff as the providers race to address the needs of every Australian and business amid the work-at-home revolution. It does not get any better than SpinTel vs. Tangerine on fast and cheap NBN plans.

SpinTel and Tangerine are upping their evening speeds to attract more clients to their NBN plans. The two are some of the cheapest Internet Services Providers (ISPs), offering discounts of up to six months. In addition to providing plans at discounted prices, they also offer fast fibre connections as one of their competitive edges.

Why SpinTel for NBN Plans?

SpinTel is one of Australia's most trusted Internet Service Providers with a four-star + rating, having been in operation since 1996. In addition to offering fast and stable internet speeds on its NBN plans, they're cost-effectively designed to meet the needs of everyday users and businesses.

Data usage on all its plans is unlimited. It offers exclusive deals over six months for new customers and NBN plans that can change speed in real-time.

As a leading Independent ISP in Australia, SpinTel lets customers pick the right internet speeds that are congestion-free and can meet home, business, and gaming requirements. For flexibility, only month-to-month plans are on offer.

SpinTel’s NBN Plans

SpinTel's cheapest plan is NBN 15 which goes for $49.95 or $44.00 for the first six months, offering a typical evening speed of 15Mbps. The plan comes with unlimited data and a $0 setup fee. The no-contract plan is ideal for browsing and accessing email, among other needs.

The NBN 50 plan is ideal for households with one or two people as it offers a stable 50Mbps evening speed. In addition, the unlimited data plan comes with a $0 setup fee and is not a contract plan; thus, can be terminated without the risk of incurring any fee. The tussle for dominance gets even better on plans for uploading and downloading content. SpinTel offers a no-contract unlimited NBN 50 plan that guarantees 50Mbps evening speed. The plan is available for $64.95 or $59.00 for the first six months. The plan is ideal for businesses and people looking to upload and download large files or partake in high-definition streaming.

For households looking for the best experience while streaming HD contract then, SpinTel is taking the fight to Tangerine with the NBN 100 plan that offers unlimited data with 100Mbps evening speed for $84.95 or $69.00 for the first six months.

SpinTel also offers special plans for mobile users looking to enjoy fast and stable internet connections while on the go. For just $9.95 per month, one can access 5GB worth of data and unlimited calls and text on its network. Heavy internet users can also subscribe to a 20GB plan for $18, offering unlimited calls and text.


It might not be one of the biggest NBN providers in Australia, but Tangerine has carved a niche in offering some of the best NBN plans that are cheap and reliable in terms of speeds. However, the SpinTel vs. Tangerine tag war stems from affordable plans designed to address households' and businesses' needs.

Tangerine’s NBN Plans

Tangerine's cheapest NBN plan goes for S59.90 or $44.90 for the first six months, offering 25Mbps of typical evening speed. The unlimited data plan comes with a 14-day trial. It is a no-contract NBN plan with a $0 setup fee. Its NBN 50 XL Speed Boost plan offers 50Mbps with unlimited data and a 14-days trial for $69.90 or $54.90 for the first six months.

For households and businesses with big upload and download requirements, then Tangerine goes comes in a bit slower in the SpinTel vs. Tangerine tussle to offer the NBN 92 XXL Speed Boost plan. The plan guarantees 92Mbps of evening speed for $89.90 or $69.90 for the first six months.

Tangerine also goes overboard to offer an NBN 205 plan that guarantees 205Mbps evening speed, ideal for streaming any kind of HD content, let alone uploading and downloading large files. It also offers a 14-days risk-free trial in its plans. A subscriber can also cancel a plan and have the plan fees refunded.

SpinTel vs Tangerine: Cheapest Plans for Normal Browsing

If you are looking for the cheapest providers, then it does not get better than SpinTel vs. Tangerine. The two offer the cheapest plans but at varying costs.SpinTel seems to have the upper hand on this front as its plan is relatively inexpensive compared to Tangerine after the first six months.





NBN 50 Unlimited Entry

50Mbps typical evening speed

No contract terms

Unlimited Data

$0 setup fee

$54.95 a month


NBN 50 Standard Speed

50Mbps typical evening speed

Unlimited data

No contract terms

14- day trial

$59.00 a month

SpinTel vs. Tangerine: Home and Business Plans

SpinTel offers affordable NBN plan for downloading and uploading large files. It is also ideal for HD streaming. Its NBN 100 plan which offers 100Mbps typical evening speed is relatively cheap at $84.95 compared to $89.90 for the Tangerine’s NBN 92 plan





NBN 100

100Mbps typical evening speed

Unlimited data

$0 setup

No contract

$84.95 a month


NBN 100 XXL Speed Boost

92Mbps typical evening speed

Unlimited data

No Contract

$0 Set up fee

$89.90 a month

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Bottom Line

It does not get any better than SpinTel vs. Tangerine as some of Australia's reliable internet service providers. Both stand out in offering fast and affordable NBN plans tailored to meet individual and business needs with discounts of up to 6 months. However, SpinTel seems to have an upper hand in offering cheap NBN plans for uploading and downloading large files and watching HD content. Get in touch with SpinTel for the best deals on various NBN plans.


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