TPG vs SpinTel - A Comprehensive Comparison

By Ned McRae

Choosing the best network and internet service provider is a crucial decision that needs careful deliberation, especially now that we virtually use the internet for almost everything, including work, grocery shopping, and watching movies. Choosing the best ISP as per your needs is vital since not all internet providers are the same in aspects like prices and customer support.

In this blog, we will compare TPG vs SpinTel, two of Australia's widely used internet and telecommunication providers. Hopefully, this will help you filter out what you need to make an informed choice. Let’s get started with this TPG vs SpinTel comparison!

TPG vs SpinTel - A Comparison


The first network provider in our TPG vs SpinTel comparison is TPG. TPG is one of the trusted and affordable internet providers in Australia. They offer many services, from personal mobile sims and internet plans to reliable NBNs.

Mobile and Mobile Internet

TPG offers several data plans spanning from 12GB to 60GB of consumable internet connection plus unlimited calls and text. If you plan to subscribe to any TPG mobile sim plans, a continuous subscription will give you access to 50% off each month for the first six months.

Once the six months are over, you'll be back to paying the full amount, which on average, seems a little more expensive than the competition. A great thing about this is you get to keep your number even when you switch to another mobile sim and internet provider.

Broadband Network

TPG offers several NBN plans ranging from regular ones to superfast ones for people demanding faster internet speeds for their daily workings.

However, their NBN 100 plans are a little bit of a letdown. They offer only a speed of 90 Mbps, which is fast but doesn't compare to other NBN 100 plans available for other networks.

In better news, just like with their mobile sim card, which you get to keep, this is the same for the modem they will provide.

5G Home Broadband

One excellent service TPG provides is their 5G Home Broadband plans. With this plan, there will be no need for hefty technician appointments to be scheduled since all you require is to plug in their premium Wi-Fi modem to a socket, and the Wi-Fi will be good to use.

If you are not satisfied with it, TPG will give you up to 21 days free of charge to give the modem back, and your subscription will be good as canceled.


The second network in our TPG vs SpinTel comparison is SpinTel. One of the country's most affordable networks and internet providers, SpinTel has been running for about a quarter a century now, offering fast internet speeds at affordable prices.

Mobile and Mobile Internet

SpinTel offers five cost-effective mobile sim and internet plans ready for anyone's use. All five plans will have the option to be paid monthly with no limit to calls or texts made to use for your personal or business use.

The consumable 5GB of data is the most affordable that automatically caps once the limit is reached, ensuring no added cost billed to you. SpinTel also offers other plans up to 200GB and offers discounts to help you save on your bills monthly.

Broadband Network

If you want the optimum speed provided by SpinTel, it's essential to look into their NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans. SpinTel's NBN options are one of the fastest in the country, measured by the average evening speed time at 50 and 100 Mbps, respectively. Although regardless of their fast speeds, they are still very accessible price-wise.

If you want a no-frills internet that offers optimum speed for a bargain price, SpinTel is for you; however, if you are looking for added upgrades, the network only provides a bundle discount if you want to purchase both a sim and add NBN to your purchase.

SpinTel’s NBN plans are bundles they offer to small businesses. With this bundle, businesses will save more by opting for SpinTel's bundles that could provide them with the internet plus the telephone connection they need for their business.

5G Home Broadband


Currently, SpinTel offers customers a 500 GB wireless home internet plan for $49.95 per month, promising up to 100 Mbps of internet speed. You can choose whether to avail yourself of a 4G Plus or 5G unlimited speed. The contract is month to month, and there’s no set-up fee. When it comes to the modem, you may pay for a monthly modem rental or purchase it right away.

TPG vs. SpinTel - An Honest Comparison


TPG vs. Spintel




TPG vs Spintel regarding plan options: TPG has several plans from mobile to NBN customers can choose from, plus the benefit of keeping the sim card and the modem is an added plus.

TPG vs Spintel regarding plan options: SpinTel has mobile sim and internet plans, NBN options, and bundles for small business owners with extensive discounts for bundles.


TPG is one of the affordable options available in the country but comparing TPG vs SpinTel; the former is a little bit more expensive. Here are some of the TPG Plans with their respective prices:

SIM-only: $12.50 for the first 6 months but will bump to $25 on the 7th month

NBN: 200mbps plan starts at $94.99 for the 1st six months but will bump to $124.99 from the 7th month

Mobile: 12GB plan starts at $10 per month for the 1st six months but will increase to $20 from the 7th month

SpinTel's pricing is one of the most cost-efficient and accessible in the market; coupled with the fast speeds they offer, it makes it valuable for your money. Here are some of the Spintel Plans with their respective prices:

SIM-only: $12.95 to $55

NBN: $44 to $69 (15mpbs to 100mbps)

Mobile: $9.95 to $59.95 (7GB to unlimited)


Customer Support

TPG doesn't have a physical store, but it supports several customer support from calls, emails, chats, and inquiries on their social media accounts.

Customer support is available through calls, chat support, and messaging on their many social media handles.

Rating on

Out of 3,774 customer reviews, TPG only got a score of 1.9 out of 5 stars. More than 50% of these reviewers gave the company a score of 1. These ratings are more than telling about the company’s products and services.

Out of 4,909 reviews, SpinTel scored 4.1 out of 5. This is already more than satisfactory considering the number of people who voted and gave their assessments.



Both TPG vs SpinTel offer no lock-in contracts for a specific timeframe.


 Things to Consider Between Choosing TPG vs SpinTel

Here are the areas wherein SpinTel out win TPG:


NBN Plans: With SpinTel vs. TPG, the former had a massive advantage in NBN plan offerings. SpinTel provides more affordable plans for an even faster typical evening speed. SpinTel also offers customers more benefits and discounts.

Mobile Plans: Although TPG offers cheaper plans, SpinTel has more flexible sim-only plans and excellent offers for regular mobile plan users. SpinTel also has separate mobile internet plans that go up to 500 GB for as low as $59.95 per month.


Wireless Home Internet Plans: The wireless home internet offer of SpinTel is way cheaper. SpinTel offers customers a 500 GB wireless home internet plan for $49.95 per month, promising up to 100 Mbps of internet speed. TPG offers unlimited data home wireless broadband for only $54.99 per month. However, the subscription could only promise a maximum of 20 Mbps internet speed, which is subject to change. It does not support 4K streaming and is unsuitable for online gaming.


Final Thoughts

Many factors go into choosing the best internet provider: will it be a value for money, customer reviews, has sound and effective customer service, etc. Make SpinTel your promising and economical Internet Service Provider today!


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