Your Ultimate Guide to USB Power Adapters

Streaming content or playing games are power-intensive operations that drain smartphone batteries fast. Therefore, most devices are increasingly coming with fast charging capabilities, able to charge batteries in minutes. At the heart of high-speed charging is a USB power adapter that enables connection directly to a power source. Consequently, users no longer need to worry about their batteries draining while engaging in highly intensive operations such as streaming content using SpinTel's award-winning 5G network.

How USB Power Adapter Works

A USB power adapter is a device that connects directly to an AC outlet power source and generates a standard 5V volt used in charging. The amperage generated by the device varies between 0.7A and 2.4A. The device comes with a port whereby a US cable plugs and then connects to a smartphone to transfer the power and charge the battery.

Unlike USB ports on computers with an upper limit of 500 milliamps, the latest USB power adapter can handle more than 1Amp, allowing devices to charge in the least time possible. Therefore, one cannot run out of power while streaming content or playing games while connected to SpinTel's superfast internet connection. Furthermore, devices sense whenever they are connected to a computer and, when connected to an AC outlet, therefore, regulate the current draw adequately.

A 5W USB Power Adapter is a USB-based adapter that allows one to charge a smartphone or any other device when not connected to a computer. The adapter connects directly to the power source and converts the 240V, which is in return transmitted to a device using a USB Power adapter cable.

In recent years, the 5W USB Power adapter is slowly being phased out as it charges slower compared to the latest iterations. Instead, many smartphone companies are increasingly offering USB power adapters of 10W, 12W, 18W, 20 W, etc., that provide fast charge times.

The quick charge times go a long way in complementing power-intensive and superfast internet connections such as the one offered by SpinTel. The 20W USB power adapter is considered a fast charger as it shortens iPhone charging time. You will require a USB C to lightning cable for fast charge times.

USB Power Adapter Cable

While the USB power adapter connects to the AC outlet, a USB power adapter cable comes in handy in transferring power from the adapter to the device being charged. Therefore, the cable allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet. It can also be used to charge other devices that have a USB port.

USB Type A was the initial power adapter cable that is rectangular and can only be inserted one way around. It is commonly found on mobile devices, charge hubs, gaming consoles, computers and laptops. On the other hand, USB Type B is found on larger, high-powered computer peripherals devices, including printers and scanners. The USB power adapter cable is becoming less common as device sizes decrease.

USB Type C is the latest advancement of USB Power Adapter Cable. Unlike previous iterations, it deals not only with power and data but can also be used for video, as it supports multiple protocols and carries HDMI signals. It mainly stands out for its ability to enable high-speed charging. USB Type C Power adapter cable can charge a device up to 70% faster than a standard 5W charging cable. Therefore, it means less time plugged in making it easy to enjoy SpinTel high speed internet without worrying about battery charge.

2-port USB Power Adapter

A 2-port USB power adapter offers one of the best ways of charging two devices concurrently. Unlike other USB Power adapters that come with one port, the 2-port USB power adapter comes with two ports. Most are designed to connect to a standard AC wall outlet and provide 2.1A of charging power. Their compact design makes it easy to fit into a suitcase or backpack for charging while on the go.

USB Power Adapter for Laptop

Unlike in the past, charging a laptop via a USB connector is becoming increasingly possible. However, everything boils down to the type of USB port integrated into the laptop. While most laptops come with USB ports, the ports are only cable-handling Type A connectors designed to charge smartphones and small devices and handle a sizable amount of data transfer.

USB type A cannot transfer the huge amount of power needed to replenish the laptop battery. Nevertheless, USB type C is a new kind of USB connector that is ideal for high-wattage connectivity. Consequently, it can transfer more power than the Type A. Equipped with a USB Power adapter for the laptop, you can easily charge your laptop if it has a USB Type C connector. Currently, some laptops use USB type C cable as the primary charger.

USB Power Sockets

As USB ports offer the most convenient ways of charging electronic devices at work or home, USB power sockets are also cropping up. In addition, in recent years, there has been a shift away from charging leads with three-pin plugs to leads with USB connections attached.

The change has led to high levels of convenience as people can now charge their devices with USB ports on a PC laptop or even USB plug to an AC outlet. Likewise, plug sockets featuring USB ports are cropping up with ports that can handle the charging of smartphones, tablets, headphones, Bluetooth speakers etc.

The USB power sockets only require one to plug a USB cable to enjoy high-speed charging. In this case, one does not need a USB power adapter. The USB power sockets are cropping up in airport conference tables and office hot-desk facilities. One can charge a device while still browsing the internet using SpinTel’s high speed congestion free internet.

One thing to consider when dealing with US power sockets as opposed to US power adapters is the strength of the electric current on offer. Devices with larger batteries will always require higher amps to charge. For example, while most smartphones require 1A to charge reasonably, a tablet with a larger battery will require around 2A. Therefore, it will take some time if you try to charge a tablet from a 1A USB power socket.

SpinTel Internet for Streaming and Playing Games

USB power adapters are transforming the way people charge devices by enabling fast charging times.  The devices are making it easy for people to continue on high power-intensive operations such as streaming or playing games powered by SpinTel’s internet without worrying much.


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