Business SIP - How It Works, Benefits, More

By Ned McRae

Any astute business owner is always looking for ways to cut back on operational costs. While phone calls are essential to the success of any business, they can eat a significant amount of working capital. However, that should never be the case in the day of advanced technologies. Business SIP trunking is an effective communication channel, ideal for businesses looking to save on international calls.

What is a Business SIP?

Session Initial Protocol (SIP) is a way businesses achieve voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) calls. It forms the foundation of many internet communication sessions, making it easy for businesses and companies to use a telephone PBX to enjoy unlimited minutes of SIP Trunk service.

What is a SIP based phone service? In simple terms, it is a way for businesses to make and receive telephone calls over the internet. To use a SIP trunking service, one must have a phone capable of establishing communication over the internet. Unlike traditional phone systems, business SIP-enabled phones rely on the internet to make secure and reliable phone calls.

In this case, a business is allocated a SIP number like a normal telephone number. The number can be ported or transferred from another service, like a PSTN line. Installing SIP trunking modifies the normal Private Branch Exchange Box that is used in a normal Public Switched Telephone Network. The box gains VOIP capabilities allowing the sending and receiving of calls over the internet.

Before you Buy SIP Trunk, there are some items you will need. For instance, a stable, reliable internet service such as the one offered by award-winning ISP, SpinTel is essential. In addition, you would need a bandwidth speed of at least 27kbps per call. A SIP-enabled network configuration is also essential, as well as a SIP Gateway for converting a non-IP PBX system to a SIP-friendly system.

SIP trunk international calls make it easy to make overseas calls at reduced calls. In this case, you won’t need to pay anything as everything is done over the internet. Because the internet is global, International SIP trunking enables overseas calls at reduced rates.

Contrary to perception, SIP trunking is not limited to voice calls over the internet. It can also be used to send and receive text messages, images, and video calls. Therefore, it makes it easy for businesses and companies to unify their communications.

How does SIP work?

For business SIP calling to work, key components must be in place. First, you will need a SIP address which is the endpoint where a message or a phone call is delivered. The business SIP address can be tailored to an individual or business to make and receive the phone call.

Whenever a call is made using business SIP or VOIP, it travels via the internet to an IP Telephone Service Provider. A provider such as SpinTel is tasked with delivering the call to the final destination. The fact that the destination can be any type of telephone service, i.e., PSTN, ISDN, or mobile phones, makes the system an effective communication system.

Likewise, whenever a phone call is made to a SIP trunk from any other phone or network, it must first travel to the IP Telephone Service Provider and finally be delivered via the internet. Being virtual lines, SIP trunks may consume significant bandwidth on a data line. Therefore it is essential to connect to a reliable internet connection like the one offered by SpinTel.

It is essential for gauging the right amount of bandwidth for business SIP trunks. The idea is to try and find a balance on the bandwidth required, as too much won’t make any economic sense while too little bandwidth will result in choppy calls. Therefore it is important to work with a SIP trunking provider to determine the exact needs. A good Business SIP provider will provide the means of calculating the necessary bandwidth.

While SIP trunks host unlimited channels, they are normally sold in small unit quantities, making the implementation flexible. Each business SIP comes with a number of channels that allow two concurrent calls, one incoming and another outgoing. Likewise, SIP Trunk unlimited calls are an added feature that allows such systems to stand out from traditional systems.

Is SIP the same as WiFi calling?

While business SIP and Wi-Fi calls enable phone calls over the internet, they are not the same. SIP calling relies on a protocol that opens and closes connections. It also relies on IP-media subset IMS technology that allows phones to make calls outside a carrier network.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi calling can be completed on a SIP trunk or any phone connected to a superfast internet connection. However, any Android or iOS phone will require SIP/IMS technology to make a phone call over the internet and connect with traditional phone systems.

Are there any free SIP providers?

Yes, SIP providers allow people to make free audio and video calls over the internet via unique addresses using SIP addresses. The mode stands out as it allows people to create their own SIP addresses. Once the addresses are shared, friends can call using the SIP address, and the phone call will go through.

In addition to free SIP providers, other providers offer SIP trunks at some of the lowest costs compared to traditional phone systems. The mode is useful when one intends to make a call to a specified SIP address. The model also stands out as it can be used via public internet or private IP connections.

Which SIP provider is the best?

While there are many International SIP trunk providers, there are a number of things one should consider. The best business SIP trunking service is one that is able to offer unlimited nationwide calling and is capable of working with any PBX system as the one provided by SpinTel. The company should also enable instant global coverage via a single SIP connection.

While most providers offer flexible pricing and scaling discounts, a company that provides free business SIP trunking service from time to time will always be a hit for a business looking to save on phone calls. The service should also offer multiple communication services, including voice SMS texting, instant chat messaging, and video calling.

An Unlimited SIP trunk provider is one of the best as it lets you enjoy additional features at a flat fee. In this case, you will never miss calls. Voice-to-email software would be able to transcribe phone calls and send them to the email address as a message.

SpinTel for Enterprise Grade Call Features

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