Your Complete Guide to VoIP Phones for NBN

If you are a small business owner, you are probably looking for a way to bring down the cost of your calls.[a] You will be able to reap the benefits of having access to high-speed internet and make sure that you can communicate with your customers effectively at the same time.

This blog will cover everything you need to know about VoIP phones for NBN and how they can help you get the most out of your new internet connection to choose the right one for your business.

What is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone?

A VoIP phone is a device that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet. It's not just for business professionals; anyone with an internet connection can use a VoIP service to replace their traditional landline service, saving money on monthly bills.

A traditional landline phone is a device that connects to your home’s electrical wiring and sends signals down from there. These signals are transferred through copper wires until they reach each room of your house, where they’re picked up by all those devices we need for communication, such as phones, computers, and smart speakers.

How do VoIP Phones for NBN work?

In short, a VoIP phone for NBN uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls. The internet is used to make these calls.

VoIP Phones for NBN work similarly to a traditional landline phone but with one big difference where you don’t have to pay a monthly bill or contract fee. You can simply connect your device via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable directly into the router that connects your home network with any other devices that might need access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections.

Why should you choose a VoIP Phone for NBN?

If you're considering switching to a VoIP phone for NBN, it's time to consider its benefits. Here are some of the primary reasons why you should make the switch.

  • Reduce costs: With a VoIP phone for NBN, you can save money in many ways. For example, by eliminating your landline bills. Lastly, there’s no need for extra hardware or software when using VoIP phones with Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE connectivity options.
  • Save time: Using voice calls over data networks makes communication more accessible and saves precious minutes when talking face-to-face instead of typing messages back and forth through email accounts. This way, both parties get what they want without worrying about any repercussions afterward.

Types of VoIP Phones for NBN

VoIP phones are used to make phone calls over the internet. They work similarly to traditional landline phones, but they're connected to the internet instead of your home's local telephone line. There are several types of VoIP phones for NBN:

  • A VoIP adapter can be used with an existing landline phone. The adapter converts voice signals into digital data sent through the internet to another device, such as a computer or TV set-top box. If you have an older analogue telephony system installed at home and want it upgraded with digital services such as VoIP calls, you'll need one.
  • A handset is like any other one with a regular analog cord attached. It connects directly to your broadband modem, so users don't have to rely on wiring systems for connectivity purposes.
  • An IP phone also connects directly to your broadband modem via Ethernet cable. However, unlike other types of IP devices listed here, it doesn't require additional hardware such as routers or modems because all functions are handled by software running inside its operating system.

Pros of VoIP phones for NBN

VoIP phones are flexible

If you have a home phone, you can use it with an Internet connection. But if your new home has no landline, or if the line is disconnected and broken, PSTN may not be an option. VoIP allows you to make calls from anywhere worldwide through a computer or mobile device without having to pay for expensive international long-distance charges.

VoIP phones are better for business

A VoIP phone is an excellent option for businesses that want to work with other services, devices, software, apps, systems, and networks. Not only can they be used with this service, but they also work seamlessly with other services. For example, you can use your VoIP phone on Wi-Fi, so it’s always connected wherever you are.

VoIP phones are cheaper

A VoIP phone service is cheaper than traditional landlines, mobile phones, and hotel phone services. It is a significant benefit for small businesses and individuals who need to make regular calls. A VoIP phone system for NBN is much lower than office or business phone services.

VoIP phones improve productivity

You can use the VoIP phone system to easily access your office’s contact list and schedule if you work from home. It can be helpful if your staff is spread out over multiple locations, allowing them to work from anywhere at any time. Your employees will also be able to receive calls that are directed specifically to them on their home phones or mobile devices.

How to make the most out of VoIP for NBN

When choosing the right IP phone for your needs, you'll want to consider:

  • The type of phone system that you have. Do you have an analog or digital PBX? How many lines do you need, and how many handsets are in use already?
  • The features that are most important to the way your business operates. Is it necessary for employees to access their voicemail remotely through a web browser or app? Or would having two-way audio via VoIP be more beneficial overall?

Once this decision has been made, there are still several other things worth considering before making a final purchase decision. These include:

  • Your budget.
  • Service provider's network coverage area where customers live/work or travel.

Final Thoughts

VoIP phones for NBN provide an excellent option when telephony is a priority, and you don't want to sacrifice phone reliability at the expense of superfast NBN internet. VoIP phones are affordable and easy to use and don’t require additional hardware or software. You can configure them as needed, so you can start your business without investing in expensive equipment first.

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