Best Wired Earphones for Your Smartphone

By Ned McRae

Earphones are vital accessories in the modern world of smartphones. They allow users to listen to music and answer calls and avert the need to hold a phone to carry out basic operations. Amid technological evolution, there are only two types of earphones; wired earphones and wireless. While listening to music or streaming a movie through a superfast internet service offered by award-winning SpinTel and the likes, sound quality is vital.

Are Wired Earphones Better or Wireless?

Selecting an earphone that guarantees better sound quality without any latency is crucial. Wired earphones stand out by offering high-quality sound free of any latency issues. Compared to wireless earphones, they ensure timely sound delivery without glitches or delays as the signal passes through the wires and not the air. Consequently, they are the best earphones for listening to music or video while streaming content using SpinTel NBN plans.

Wired earphones are also cost-effective as they cost much less than high-end wireless. Additionally, they do not require any charging to operate. Settling on a wired earphone with a microphone enhances their use by making it easy to take and make calls. Consequently, the wired earphones can work perfectly with the SpinTel network when one wishes to make calls over the internet.

Which is the best wire earphone?

When selecting a wired earphone, there are several factors to consider. Top on the list is sound output. The earphone should transmit a well-balanced sound output recorded in the video or music and enhance it for clarity. For instance, wired earphones type C are some of the best, given their reputation for delivering better sound.

The biggest brands offer some of the best sound output and come with noise-canceling microphones. The best-wired earphones with a mic also come with 3D HD sound.

Durability is another vital factor to consider. It will be a waste of money if one buys a new earphone every time. A durable earphone should have a strong sheath that offers the utmost protection to the tiny wires used to transmit sound.

The covering should be strong enough to offer ample protection considering the wires' thickness. The best-wired earphones are the ones that come with a braided cable or a flat cable, which offers much protection.

The best-wired earphone is necessary, not the most expensive or the cheapest. Of course, there needs to be a balance between pricing and the features on offer. However, one should not pay off the top regardless of the offered features. While looking for cost-practical wired earphones, one can also settle on SpinTel's mobile plans suited for streaming content over smartphones and other handheld devices.

Besides pricing and features, one should also consider the design and comfort offered with the wired earphone. The design should also incorporate an in-line microphone and button to control the music playback and answer calls. In addition, the earphone should also come with a longer cable, making it easy to connect with a smartphone in the pocket.

Why are Wired Headphones Still Popular?

Wired earphones outperform their wireless counterparts in not suffering from any latency issues. While you might not notice delays in sound projection while playing music, latency is usually a big problem while gaming, where milliseconds count.

Durability is another aspect that makes wired earphones stand out compared to wireless earphones. Wired earphones are durable partly because they have fewer components inside the body than wireless earphones. Therefore they are not vulnerable to potential damage and can handle more abuse. In addition, unlike wireless earphones, wired earphones can last for eternity when handled with care.

Wired earphones are also popular as they are affordable compared to wireless. While wireless earphones offer more convenience, the cost of making them is high given the components used; therefore, the price is high most of the time.

Unlike wireless earphones, wired earphones are also lighter, given the limited number of components inside the body. For comfort, an earphone should be super light while featuring all the features for quality sound.

The fact that wired earphones don't require charging makes them stand out compared to their wireless counterparts. The advantage of plug-and-play is an edge that offers the highest level of convenience.

Which wired earphones are safe for the ears?

The risk of damaging the eardrum while blasting your favorite song through wired earphones is always there. In addition, hearing loss comes into play due to consistent exposure to loud sounds. Therefore, it is vital to only resort to a pair of earphones that are safe for the ears.

The best-wired earphones that limit the damage to the ears come with noise-canceling technology. Active noise-canceling earphones work by eliminating the nose with noise-canceling circuitry. They also stop all low to mid-frequency sounds. Also, passive noise-canceling earphones eliminate the noise by blocking any external noise.

Additionally, they feature specific volume limits that one can easily adjust to ensure volume does not pass a given boundary. Regardless of the wired earphone one uses, experts recommend not having a volume higher than 80%. One can turn the volume down on the device or use controls on the earphones. It is also advisable not to listen to loud sounds through the wired earphones for more than 90 minutes.

What are the disadvantages of wired headphones?

Wired earphones stand out for being cost-effective and delivering quality sound most of the time. Additionally, they are not vulnerable to latency, as is the case with wireless earphones. However, they also come with their fair share of faults.

One of the biggest complaints about the best-wired earphones is that they can get messy, given the long wires. Untangling the messy cables can be frustrating at times. The long wires can also keep tangling with objects while moving around, hindering mobility. Wireless earphones will always stand out for people who don't like moving around with long wires.

Additionally, they can be uncomfortable as the wires must run from the phone to the ear to deliver the sound. Finally, when connected to a laptop or PC, there is always the risk of dragging the devices away when one stands up abruptly and moves without disconnecting the wired earphone first.

Bottom Line

Wired earphones stand out in delivering quality sound, being free of latency, and being cost-effective and durable. When used on devices powered by congestion-free internet service offered by award-winning SpinTel, users are always guaranteed the best experience on connectivity and sound delivery.


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