BYO Modem Setup Guide: What You Should Know

Switching from one broadband provider to another is expected amid the race for the best deal on internet connection. While switching, connection setups might change, given that different providers leverage different technologies. When signing up for a new broadband service, the urge to make a switch might be there, but is it necessary?

If the old modem is delivering the recommended internet speeds as beamed by award-winning ISP,  SpinTel, and the likes, then you might not need to make a switch. However, if the new modem is not compatible with the latest broadband technology, making the switch is inevitable.

What is BYO Modem?

Bring Your Own (BYO) Modem is a provision that allows broadband subscribers to continue using their old modems upon switching from one broadband provider to another. Instead of paying an additional fee for the new modem and delivery fee, sticking with the older modem might be the best option if it works.

In most cases, subscribers are free to use a compatible router when sharing the broadband connection. It is especially the case when connected with most service providers. Nevertheless, you first need to check whether the internet providers such as SpinTel ensure compatibility.

How Does the BYO Modem Connect to NBN?

Setting up a BYO modem is necessary when switching to a new broadband provider such as SpinTel. Luckily the process is relatively straightforward. While Australia broadband does not require a username and password for logins to NBN connections, other connections must be made. So the BYO modem setup mostly depends on the NBN connection.

For instance, if it is an NBN FTTP connection, ensure the NBN connection box is powered. Next, connect the Ethernet cable from the WAN port to the UNI-D port. SpinTel and other broadband providers should send the UNI D port number. Finally, connect any device to the router via a wired or Wi-Fi connection.

In the case of NBN FTTC, locate the telephone wall socket once it is activated with the NBN connection. Ensure all equipment is disconnected from the wall socket while setting up, as this could interfere with the signal.

Once everything is disconnected, connect the network device to the wall socket and power it. Next, enable connection to the BYO modem using an Ethernet cable to the WAN port. Finally, configure the modem before connecting any device to the internet.

In the case of NBN Cable Broadband HFC, locate the NBN connection box and ensure it's plugged into the coaxial wall socket. Next, ensure the Ethernet cable is connected to the UNI D port on the NBN connection box and back to the modem. Finally, connect the computer or any other device to the modem using a Wi-Fi connection to configure.

Benefits of BYO Modem

Saving money is one of the reasons most people resort to BYO modems in the first place, in addition to searching for the best deals on NBN plans such as SpinTel's plans. Using an older modem averts spending more money on an unnecessary gadget for beaming the internet. In addition, using a BYO modem goes a long way in conserving the environment as nothing goes to waste. If a BYO modem NBN is working, there is no need to replace it with another and throw it away.

A high-spec router might go a long way in saving on BYO modem price. The high-spec router could beam SpinTel NBN and mobile networks faster than buying a new one. If you live in an area where you need to amplify the signals due to many dead spots, then resorting to the high-spec router is the way to go.

Bandwidth prioritization is another aspect that makes the BYO modem NBN stand out. If your household has multiple internet users, you might have to stick to your older modem if it enables bandwidth prioritization. Consequently, you can adjust internet usage on various devices based on bandwidth.

When to use Modem from New Broadband Provider

While BYO modem is possible with many providers, there comes a time when one must get a new modem from the broadband provider. It is especially the case when the new network is incompatible with the older modem. In this case, the connection would be a problem.

For starters, when connected to FTTN and FTTB connections, a VDSL-compatible modem is crucial. Similarly, one must ensure the BYO modem is WAN compatible when connected to FTTP, HFC, and FTTC.

If you intend to use your modem on the SpinTel NBN plan, it must be compatible with the underlying NBN technology used at the address. If not, a poor connection could make it challenging to enjoy internet connectivity.

Moreover, you might need to get a new modem from the new provider if the current modem is locked. Some providers lock modems, making it impossible to use them on other networks when one makes the switch.

Additionally, some providers don't charge additional fees for a modem. Therefore, this could be an opportunity to get more BYO modems. If the BYO modem setup with the new provider is complicated, you might have to get a new one. If your new provider sends out a new router with pre-configured settings, it could save you lots of time and hassle trying to configure the BYO modem.

In addition, getting a new modem is vital as it could make it easier to get support when there are hitches with the connection. When connected with a SpinTel BYO modem, getting assistance when facing connection issues becomes much more straightforward than using an incompatible BYO modem.

SpinTel Compatible Modems

It's not necessary to purchase a new modem when switching from one broadband provider to another. However, if planning to use a BYO modem NBN on SpinTel or any other broadband provider, it must be compatible with the underlying NBN technology. That's the only way to ensure a solid connection and enjoy congestion-free internet service.


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