Terms of Rental Modems:
These terms and conditions are specific for the Nokia modem suppiled for 5G Broadband.

Equipment and Ownership:
SpinTel retains ownership of rental modem. We reserve the right to supply you with rental modems that are refurbished, i.e. modems that may have been used previously by another customer. Prior to delivery to you, we will ensure that these modems are tested to be in good working order and have been reset to factory defaults.
Upon termination of the service plan, you are required to return the modem to SpinTel. If you do not return the modem within 21 days from date of termination or if the modem is considered damaged or misused (as described below), excluding reasonable wear and tear, you will need to pay full retail price of the modem.

Modems are delivered to you prior to installation. They are self-service “plug and play” devices.

Faulty and Replacement Equipment:
If you experience a problem with the rental modem, whilst you have an active, then we will send you a replacement modem and a return bag. If your current model of modem is unavailable, we will send you a replacement modem offering similar functionality depending on stocks available at the time. The modem must be returned within 21 days from dispatch of the replacement modem. The returned modem will undergo diagnostic testing. There is no charge for replacement modems if modems are faulty, excluding reasonable wear and tear. You will need to pay the full retail price of the modem ($935.00) if
(i) you do not return the modem or
(ii) it is considered damaged or misused such as the following: missing power pack, missing cables, missing or dislodged components or parts, water damage, dirt, dust, debris, disfigured, marked, foreign matter.

Termination Billing Cycle:
When you cancel your subscription or terminate your service, you must return the modem to SpinTel.
If you cancel your subscription, or terminate your service and you do not return the modem in working order within 21 calendar days from cancellation or termination, you will be charged the retail value of the modem, as applicable at the time the modem was provided to you.
This charge is applicable in addition to any applicable Early Termination Fees as part of your plan. You are to return the modem to us at your own cost and expense, via courier to SpinTel, at the address provided to you by us at time of termination.


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