The Simplest Wireless Home Internet Plans Available On The Market

Tired of paying for the nbn™? Go wireless with our 4G or 5G internet service and enjoy fast, instant connectivity around the house.


NBN down? Waiting too long to get connected? No cable? Wireless Internet is the alternative you're looking for. Get beamed directly to your home from a dedicated network that is independent of phone lines, cable, and mobile networks. Powered by our super-fast 5G or 4G nationwide network and gives you the freedom to roam within your home without the need for phone lines and cable.


14 days' trial for coverage guarantee.


No nasty bill shock with capped usage. Excess usage is capped unless you purchase more data.


Over 20 years' experience connecting customers around Australia to the Internet.

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1. Choose your contract

Month to Month
No Setup Fee

2. Choose your plan

Per Month
4G Plus Avg 50Mbits
Cost of 1MB included data is $0.25/GB
Per Month
4G Plus Avg 50Mbits
Cost of 1MB included data is $0.12/GB
Enjoy $0 off your Plan for first mths, offer available for new registrations (usually $69.95/mth)

3. Choose your modem

Monthly Rental
Pay a small amount every month
Purchase Outright
Pay for your modem upfront
Huawei B628

$210.00 upfront
$7.00 per month
Great for home, Wired and Wireless LAN, Not portable
Netgear AC800S

$290.00 upfront
$12.00 per month
Portable, Close range WiFi, no Ethernet, Fits easily in pocket or bag

Your plan summary

Critical Information Summary - Rental Hardware Terms - Minimum total cost: Minimum total cost is $0.00. Extra Data Costs: Plan is capped, to continue using the service extra data-blocks are available, limited to 5 data-blocks per billing cycle. Data beyond the 200GB on the Basic Plan will be shaped to 256kbs. Uploads and downloads counted in usage.
+ $0.00 Gateway
+ $0.00Handset
+ $0.00 Postage


Huawei B628

Huawei B628-265, CAT 12 4G/LTE CPE, Dual Band Wi-Fi Router, 600Mbps, Connect up to 64 Devices, Balong Chipset.

Netgear AC800S

AC800S, features support for Category 9 LTE and 3-band Carrier Aggregation, with the ability to achieve theoretical download speeds of 450 Mbps. Category 9 LTE Advanced connectivity means peak download speeds up to 50% faster, swift application response times, reliable connectivity and a better overall user experience for buffering data-heavy programs such as multimedia and video files.

Gateways B628 AC800
2 Voice ports
Gigabit Ethernet
Next generation WiFi 802.11 AC1600
Media Sharing
Spec Sheet Spec Sheet Spec Sheet



All of our products are covered by SpinTel's Standard Form of Agreement and are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

The Mobile Service Description and The Mobile Standard Pricing Table also forms part of the agreement.

Things To Know

This page summarises some helpful things to know, if you have any questions please call us on 13 22 10.

  • The mobile service will be delivered over the Optus 4G network.
  • Service is billed monthly in advance.
  • Where a cancellation is requested, billing will cease at the end of the current billing period.
  • Your first month's data allowance will be on a pro-rata basis. You will receive a proportion of your data allowance based on the days left in the month. This is until your account aligns with the start of the next billing cycle (generally calendar month).
  • You are eligible to change your plan at any time, and that change will be effective as of the next billing month.

Service Schedule – 4G Wireless Broadband Service

    In applying for SpinTel’s Wireless Broadband service from us you agree to the following:

  • Services can only be terminated on the last day of your billing cycle. If you wish to terminate the service in the following billing month, you will be charged for the entire month.
  • The 4G Service has a '14 day coverage guarantee'. If you cancel your service within the ‘14 day coverage guarantee’, you agree to the following;
  • The returned modem must be in as-new condition with no damage to the unit. It must be returned with all included cables, power adapter and in the complete and original packaging. Failure to return all parts including all packaging will prevent us from being able to refund the cost of the modem.
  • The 14 days will commence from the day that your Wireless Broadband Modem is delivered.
  • Any refund will not include the shipping cost to receive or send back the modem.
  • Any service charges from when the service was activated to when the modem was returned will not be refunded.
  • You must contact us within 14 days of when your Wireless Broadband Modem was delivered to cancel the service if you are not happy with the coverage/speeds.

Terms of Rental Modems:

    These terms and conditions are specific for the modems supplied for Wireless Broadband.

    Equipment and Ownership:

  • SpinTel retains ownership of the rental modem. We reserve the right to supply you with rental modems that are refurbished, i.e. modems that may have been used previously by another customer. Prior to delivery to you, we will ensure that these modems are tested to be in good working order and have been reset to factory defaults.
  • Upon termination of the 5G service plan, you are required to return the modem to SpinTel. If you do not return the modem within 21 days from the date of termination or if the modem is considered damaged or misused (as described below), excluding reasonable wear and tear, you will need to pay the full retail price of the modem.
  • Upon termination of non 5G services you will be charged the rental value of the modem until it’s returned.
  • Installation:

  • Modems are delivered to you prior to installation. They are self-service “plug and play” devices.
  • Faulty and Replacement Equipment:

  • If you experience a problem with the rental modem, whilst you have an active, then we will send you a replacement modem and a return bag. If your current model of the modem is unavailable, we will send you a replacement modem offering similar functionality depending on stocks available at the time. The modem must be returned within 21 days from the dispatch of the replacement modem. The returned modem will undergo diagnostic testing. There is no charge for replacement modems if modems are faulty, excluding reasonable wear and tear. You will need to pay the full retail price of the modem:
    • Netgear AC800S $290.00
    • Huawei B818 $260.00
    • if

    • (i) you do not return the modem or
    • (ii) it is considered damaged or misused such as the following: missing power pack, missing cables, missing or dislodged components or parts, water damage, dirt, dust, debris, disfigured, marked, foreign matter.

    Termination Billing Cycle:

  • When you cancel your subscription or terminate your service, you must return the modem to SpinTel.
  • If you cancel your subscription or terminate your service and you do not return the modem in working order within 21 calendar days from cancellation or termination, you will be charged the retail value of the modem, as applicable at the time the modem was provided to you.
  • This charge is applicable in addition to any applicable Early Termination Fees as part of your plan. You are to return the modem to us at your own cost and expense, via courier to SpinTel, at the address provided to you by us at the time of termination.



No more bill shocks

Data usage is automatically capped so you'll never be surprised.


Add more data

Add additional packs month by month when you need more.


Usage limit warnings

Get a heads up with notifications at 50%, 85%, and 100% of your plan limits.


Online usage tracking

See exactly what you've used and what's left in your online account.


Easy termination

On a monthly plan, cancel anytime with no fees. On a contract, termination fees are capped at just $179.


High-speed data

Our national network is state-of-the-art and delivers high data speeds.


We're proud to have been recognised with numerous awards over the years for our innovative products, customer service, and nationwide coverage.
We'll guide you through configuring and setting up your mobile service, over the phone or online. You'll find detailed guides on our support site and helpful staff if you prefer calling in.


In 1996, SpinTel was one of the first companies to offer home internet. Since then, our customer-fuelled growth has seen us add broadband, wireless, and mobile services.
We've been recognised as one of the fastest growing Australian businesses and have received Money magazine awards for 11 years running.


Our gurus will help you get started and answer all your questions.


Our gurus will help you get started, and happily help you out.