Multi-factor Authentication

When you contact us or log in to My Account, you may be prompted to provide a One-Time Passcode in addition to the usual identification checks or login details. This is part of a new security process called Multi-Factor Authentication that has been implemented to help keep your SpinTel account secure and to protect customers from fraud.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires you to provide at least two verification factors before you can make certain changes to your SpinTel account. It adds an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorised access to your account by just using your password.

How does it work?

When contacting SpinTel by phone, or when logging in to My Account, an SMS (or email) will be sent to the registered mobile phone number on your account with a 6-digit code. This is in addition to the regular identity checks we do.

What if I receive a code when I am not expecting one?

Contact us immediately if you receive a code you have not requested.

Will these messages or additional security add any extra costs to me?

SpinTel has implemented this additional security step at no extra cost. There is no charge for the SMS or email messages you receive.

Published 30 June 2022


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