Moving Houses or Renovating? How This Can Impact Your nbn™ Connection

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Thanks to the nbn™, there is a simple checklist to retain your access to the internet when you move house. It's normal for this change in location to feel like an arduous process, particularly if you live in a regional area that might not have the right infrastructure for high-speed Internet, but a little planning goes a long way. 

What will you have to use after moving?

There is the chance that you will use a different connection technology for the nbn™ at your new premise. There are seven different technologies that deliver the nbn™ to your premises, including Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN), through to more uncommon technologies like HFC and fixed line wireless.

Before moving, the first thing you should check is what nbn™ connection is available at your new premises. There will only be the one option at the address. Then, check and see whether it's the same connection type as what you've currently got. If it is, then you're in luck! You'll only need to notify the RSP of the move, work out the timing with them, and the switchover should be relatively quick. The only thing that might slow things down is if the nbn™ hasn't been ‘turned on' at your new location yet, but if that's the case, it's just a matter of forward planning and arranging to have the nbn™ technician through your RSP to come out to your new address (in some instances the nbn™ can be ‘turned on' remotely).

If, however, your new location is not on the same kind of nbn™ connection, you'll need to check two things with your RSP:

  1. Is my current plan available on the new connection type?.

  2. Are you able to provide a service on this technology? With the less common nbn™ types (Satellite ), there are some RSPs in Australia that won't be able to offer a service at all.

You do have one final option. If you're not happy with the nbn™ connection option at your new address, you can pay for NBNCo to ‘upgrade' it to a different kind of technology. However, be aware that this could become very costly, depending on the location and how much work would be involved on the part of NBNCo.

What about if you're renovating?

Similar to gas and electricity, you need to be mindful of your nbn™ connection regardless of the room you're renovating. To avoid interfering with any NBN infrastructure, we recommend using the dial before you dig service to ensure your planned works won't cut your connection. Other considerations to keep in mind, include:

There's no reason that you can't renovate the room that has your nbn™ connection, and then get the nbn™ back after the renovation, but this cannot be an afterthought - it very much needs to be planned for as part of the process, and some disruption needs to be expected. If you are considering renovating and require nbn™ equipment to be removed, you will need to speak with nbn™ sdirectly.

Find an nbn™ provider that makes it simple

Ideally, you want an RSP provider that has a firm commitment to customer service. If you're moving home, a customer service-orientated RSP can work to smooth the process and get you back online in the fastest possible time frame. SpinTel has helped many Australians stay connected through the big move. 

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