We're here to help

We will work with you to help you respond to financial difficulty, whether temporary or long-term. We are committed to helping customers facing financial hardship maintain telecommunications access and working with you to find a sustainable solution. Assistance will depend on your circumstances, and is provided case-by-case.

Hardship may be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

We offer a range of payment options designed to help in such scenarios, please call us on the number below should any of these unfortunate conditions arise:

Our staff will respect your privacy and are trained to determine what is a reasonable arrangement based on your circumstances. Please check our contact page for operating hours.

Negotiating an agreement

The outcome of a financial hardship agreement normally involves a payment arrangement to help you repay your debt to us. We will consider your normal monthly repayments, as well as any amounts owing, and structure your agreement in a way that prevents further debt from accumulating. We may provide other options such as a deferring payment via a payment extension (for a longer period than would typically be offered), waiving of late payment/cancellation fees or discounting of debt.

We will assess your agreement with us within 5 working days and may ask you some questions about your financial condition in order to make our assessment. We will ask only enough questions to determine your ability to fulfil your agreement with us.

We may require documentation to support the information you provide us. Supporting information will vary from depending on your situation, multiple documents may be requested if you are a new customer, or the debt is significant.

Examples of supporting documentation:

If you are unable to honour your agreement with us we may proceed with credit management, although this will only be a last resort. If your circumstances change and you're unable to maintain your payment arrangement please contact us as soon as possible.

More help is available

We encourage you to call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 which offers free counselling services provided by community organisations, legal centres, and some government agencies.

You may also find assistance online by visiting the following sites:


Our friendly gurus are ready and waiting to help you choose the best plan for you.