WiFi is a wireless network or technology that lets tablets, computers, smartphones, and other devices connect to the internet.  A WiFi antenna is a crucial device when looking to enhance the WiFi signal strength and range. It’s of great use whenever a network or signal gets absorbed by nearby obstacles such as walls and metallic surfaces, affecting the connection between devices or the internet.

A WiFi antenna is designed to enhance the connection between devices and the internet. How it is positioned can make a huge difference in connection speed and how strong the WiFi signal becomes throughout the house or surroundings. The device finds great use when one does not intend to use NBN plans but rather a wireless connection at home or at the office.

What Does a WiFi Antenna Do?

Wireless devices rely on radio waves which are electromagnetic waves (EM), to communicate with one another. The electromagnetic waves contain packets of information. On the other hand, the WiFi antenna's primary role is to convert the EM waves into electrical signals and vice versa.

Every device that can connect wirelessly, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, comes with a receiving and transmitting antenna. The receiving antenna is programmed to pick up any electromagnetic waves containing packets of information and change them into electrical signals, which the device processes in return. The transmitting antenna converts the electrical signals into EM waves for transmission as a packet of information.

Conversely, a WiFi antenna is designed to facilitate wireless signals or connections. They help boost network range, which could make a big difference in upload and download capacity on the internet. With a good WiFi antenna long-range, the super-fast 4G network provided by SpinTel will be much stronger and faster, ideal for streaming HD movies, as well as uploading and downloading large files without any buffer.

If you want to improve your internet strength, a WiFi antenna outdoors is crucial. Choosing the right kind of antenna would make a big difference.

Which Antenna is Best for WiFi?

Well, there are two types of WiFi antenna:

  1. Omni-Directional Antenna

This is a special type of WiFi antenna long-range, designed to radiate signals at a 360-degree angle. It is an un-shaped as an incandescent light bulb, giving them the most comprehensive signal coverage at any given time. Omni directional antenna can collect wireless signals from all directions the same way a light bulb illuminates the entire room.

Omni directionals are some of the best internet WiFi antennas for homes as they offer wider coverage. However, they have a shorter range, thus the reason they are mostly used indoors and outdoors.

The Ceiling Dome Antennas are some of the best WiFi antennas for PC as they are installed in the house or warehouse ceiling. With the help of coaxial cables, a WiFi router would access the network, thus providing an internet connection to sounding devices.

  1. Directional Antennas

It’s a special type of WiFi antenna that works by focusing on a particular direction. In this case, the WiFi antenna power becomes more focused in a given direction, therefore able to send and receive signals from a much further distance.

Unlike Omni directional WiFi antennas, directional antennas have a small coverage area, thus used for extended point-to-point network connectivity. They are mostly used in multipoint WiFi networks allowing multiple antennas to communicate.

Omni Direction vs. Direction WiFi Antenna

While a WiFi antenna serves the same purpose, the requirement varies from one person to another. A directional WiFi antenna long range would be ideal for anyone looking to receive a better long-range internet connection and avert the risk of slow internet speeds while browsing the internet.

On the other hand, an Omni directional WiFi antenna would be ideal for anyone looking to improve signal strength in an office building or at home.

Can You Get WiFi with an Antenna?

Yes, a wireless connection can be received from an antenna that can send and receive wireless signals. Most devices come with a wireless adapter which is a device that sends and receives wireless signals. The wireless adapter may come with an inbuilt antenna or one connected to the system's exterior.

The antenna inside the device or connected to the exterior of a system allows the device to receive a WiFi signal and, therefore, an internet connection. Therefore, with a wireless adapter and a WiFi antenna, you can always connect to the internet for free in most establishments such as libraries, cafes, and restaurants. SpinTel offers Huawei 4G CPE Pro 2 a simple device that you can plug into your laptop phone or PC to enjoy high-speed WiFi connections anywhere

How Do I Get Free WiFi Antenna?

Most WiFi antenna cards are removable and thus can be lost easily. However, if lost, the cards can be replaced by making good use of household items to come up with a working WiFi antenna until a new one is bought.

Similarly, if your wireless network is not strong enough and does not offer sufficient coverage, you can also create a directional antenna to extend the coverage of the wireless connection. 

What is the Cost of a WiFi Antenna?

The market is filled with thousands of WiFi antennas, making it easy to choose one that goes with device requirements, work environment, and budget. Therefore it is important to select a WiFi antenna according to underlying needs. In addition, costs vary from one antenna to another depending on how they operate and their ability to strengthen connection and enhance speeds.

SpinTel: The Home of Reliable Wireless Connections

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