Is iPad 8th Gen Really That Cool?

By Ned McRae

The iPad 8th Gen is the latest iteration of Apple's tablet line. The new iPad comes with a range of new features that make it more powerful and flexible than any previous version. In this article, we'll take you through everything special about the 8th generation iPad and why it's been one of the most popular products since its launch. If you’re planning to buy one for yourself or your loved one, it’s best to know its features, pros and cons, and other functionalities. If you’re ready to know more about this Apple gadget, dive in!

What Is Special About the iPad 8th Gen?

The iPad 8th Gen is a great tablet for everyday use. It's got a bright and clear display, fast performance, and is easy to use. But how does it compare with other tablets? We've put together this guide to help you decide whether the 8th gen iPad is suitable for you.


The iPad 8th Gen is lightweight, weighing only 490 grams. It comes in two models: Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus Cellular features. Both have the exact dimensions, except the cellular model weighs slightly heavier at 495 grams.

This slim and sleek tablet measures 7.5 mm thick, making it easy to carry around when you’re on the go. The elegant design also features an all-glass back panel for better Wi-Fi performance and cellular connectivity.

The iPad 8th Gen comes in three different finishes: silver, gold, and space grey allowing you to choose the color that best suits your style preferences.

It also comes with a touch ID sensor at the top of the screen, allowing users to unlock their device without typing in their password whenever they want to access its features. This feature makes accessing all your favorite apps easier while on the go.


The iPad 8th Gen features a Retina display with IPS technology. The 10.2-inch (diagonal) screen has a 2160 x 1620 resolution and 264 pixels per inch, which results in smooth interactions and animations when playing games or watching videos.

It's also equipped with ProMotion technology that allows you to use multiple apps simultaneously without lag time between the two screens. The True Tone display technology is lacking in the 8th Gen, which adjusts white balance based on ambient lighting conditions. It has the same type of screen as the iPad 7th Gen.

This model also includes support for Apple Pencil (1st generation), making it easier for artists to create their own drawings on a digital canvas.


The iPad 8th Gen is a great tablet for everyday use. It has a fast processor and uses the iPad's 14 operating system, which means it can run some powerful features and built-in apps. The processor in this model is much faster than in previous versions.

You can also multitask, so if you’re listening to music while reading an ebook or browsing through news articles, you won’t have any problems with performance.

The battery life is also decent and can last up to 10 hours if you’re watching a Youtube video connected to Wi-Fi. You can go on a long trip without needing to charge up again. It uses a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. You can charge it via USB to a computer or use a power adaptor.


The iPad 8th Gen camera is excellent for taking photos, but not for videos. It supports Portrait Mode with Depth Control, so you can get professional-looking shots quickly, no matter what you're shooting or where you're taking them.

The rear camera has an 8-megapixel sensor, and the selfie camera has a 1.2-megapixel sensor. While this may seem pretty low by today’s standards, it compares favorably with other tablets and many smartphones on the market today.

So what does this mean? This is for you if you’re looking for a tablet that takes excellent pictures with great detail. However, if you want something that can also shoot high-quality videos, you may need to find an alternative.


The iPad 8th Gen also comes with a nano-SIM card slot, making it easy to connect to the internet without WiFi, and it can take advantage of 4G LTE and 5G speeds.

You'll need to purchase your own SIM card before using this feature. If you have one on hand, simply open the tray and insert your nano-sized SIM card in. This tablet also supports Apple eSIM6.

If you prefer wired headphones over wireless ones, there's good news: The iPad 8th Gen has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a lightning port for connecting headsets or other accessories.

Apple iPad 8th Gen Verdict

The Apple iPad 8th Gen is an excellent option for everyday use. It's powerful, portable, and versatile. With its large screen size, the device is ideal for students who need to do a lot of reading and writing on their iPad tablets. It also works well for people who are always on the go and working remotely and need constant connectivity.

It's also great if you use the tablet primarily for entertainment. The screen is extra wide, which means it's perfect for watching videos, reading books, playing games, or listening to music. Many options are available regarding apps and content that will keep you entertained on your tablet all day.

It also has an ultra-thin design that's easy to hold while reading or watching shows in bed. Plus, it has a front-facing camera so you can video chat with your friends and family while away from home.

It's particularly well-suited to business use because it has everything you need in a tablet: fast performance thanks to Apple's A12 Bionic chip and 64-bit architecture, a walloping 10 hours of battery life, and 32/128 GB capacity.


The 8th gen iPad is a suitable device for everyday use. It is an excellent tablet for those who want an all-in-one device that can be used for work, school, and entertainment. It is packed with more apps and features, making it a versatile tool for work and school.

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