NBN Box Beeping - Here's How You Can Fix It!

By Ned McRae

If you have a battery backup and your
NBN box is beeping and you aren’t sure what it means? Are you lost about how to fix it? This guide will show you how to fix your NBN box beeping so you don’t have to waste time and money calling your internet provider to come and fix it, when you can do it yourself!

What is an NBN Box?

There are different types of connections to your home that make up the National Broadband Network, each with different benefits and drawbacks. The Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection is widely regarded as one of the best connections due to its potential to have extremely fast and reliable speeds. However, FTTP connections require a connection box to be installed, which requires a power connection to work. You can also request for a backup battery to be installed, which will allow constant power no matter the cirumstance.

This means that in a power outage the backup battery kicks in, allowing you to have an Internet connection for up to 5 hours even when there is no power. The battery used in an NBN Power Supply Unit is a standard 12V 7.0 to 7.2Ah 6 cell SLA battery (F2 terminals), which means finding a replacement battery is easy and inexpensive.

How the Battery Backup Works During a Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, your NBN box will beep once, and then automatically switch to its backup battery power. After the charge has been used and drops to 50%, the NBN box will beep four times in a minute and the battery power light will flash, indicating that the battery charge is getting low. The unit will then switch off to preserve power.

If your NBN box has switched off due to reaching 50% battery capacity but you still need to use it, you have the ability to switch it back on. To switch your NBN box back on, you need to hold the ‘Battery Emergency Use’ button until the NBN box beeps once and all 4 lights flash, which usually takes around 2 seconds. Once the Battery Emergency Use has been switched on, you will not be able to turn it off again. It will typically last between 2 and 3 hours.

Why is my NBN Box Beeping?

If you find that you’re frustrated by your NBN box constantly beeping, you’re not alone. You’re NBN box will beep when the battery becomes low. As previously mentioned, it will beep four times in a minute in the event of a power outage. However, if the battery is simply getting old and worn down, the NBN box will detect this and remind you to replace the battery by beeping once every 15 minutes. A red light will also appear next to the ‘Replace Battery’ marker on the NBN box. The most annoying beeping is when you’re NBN box is at less than 50%, in which case it will beep four times every minute.

How do I Stop my NBN Box from Beeping?

There are a handful of ways to stop your NBN Box Beeping. Since your NBN box will beep when it’s time to replace the battery or if the battery is low, the best way to stop the beeping is to replace the battery. It is relatively cheap and easy to replace your NBN box battery in three simple steps.

First, double-check whether you need to replace the battery by checking for the red light next to the ‘Replace Battery’ marker. You should also check whether your battery is still covered under warranty. Once you’ve confirmed that your battery needs replacing, you will have to purchase a new one from a store that sells the correct battery, such as Battery World or Jaycar.

The next step is to remove your old battery. To remove your old battery, you must turn the NBN box off at the power point and disconnect it from the main power. Once it has been disconnected, it is safe to open. Open the front cover of the NBN box and then disconnect the red ‘+’ plug from the battery. The battery is safe to handle as it operates at 12V DC. After you have removed the red plug, push the tabs holding the batter outwards and then lift the battery out. The tabs should be above and below the battery. Finally, disconnect the black ‘-’ plug and remove the battery.

The Final step is to install the new battery. This step is essentially the reverse of the previous step. First, connect the black ‘-’ plug to the new battery, then push the battery tabs, located in the battery housing, outward and insert the battery into the NBN box. Then connect the red ‘-’ plug, making sure no wires are pinched. Then close the NBN box cover and reconnect it to the main power. The new battery will take up to 24 hours to completely charge. It’s a good idea to keep your old battery on hand until you’re sure your new battery is functioning correctly, unless its charge is fully empty.

The other way to stop your NBN box from beeping is to manually turn off the alarm. There should be an ‘Alarm Silence’ button on your NBN box, which can disable the beeping. To silence the alarm for 24 hours, hold the ‘Alarm Silence’ button for 2 seconds or until you hear a beep. If you’d like to turn the alarm off indefinitely, hold the ‘Alarm Silence’ button for 15 seconds, where you’ll hear a beep at 2 seconds and another at 15 seconds, at which point you can stop holding the button. To re-enable the alarm, simply hold the button for the same amount of time as when you switched the alarm off.

What Should I do With my Old Battery?

Batteries typically contain toxic and harmful substances such as mercury and lead. This means you must dispose of them properly, rather than simply throwing your old battery into your normal rubbish bin. Despite containing dangerous substances, batteries can still be recycled to save and reuse precious materials. You can ask your local council about recycling your old battery or you can contact BatteryWorld who run a battery recycling scheme.

If you’re still unsure about your NBN Battery Box Beeping, you can call your internet provider and ask for more information.


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