4G Mobile Broadband

Now you can take the internet wherever you go

Do you want the fastest wireless internet speeds when you're on the go? Then SpinTel's 4G Mobile Broadband plans are for you! With SpinTel's high-speed 4G Mobile Broadband you'll have access to Australia's super-fast 4G networks whether you're at home, at the office or on the move.

Data 1GB
After Data Limit
2¢/MB 2¢/MB 2¢/MB 2¢/MB
Contract No Contract No Contract No Contract No Contract
Per Month


Per Month


Per Month


Per Month



Your monthly total is $29.50

First month minimum total cost is 29.50, includes SIM activation $20, and postage fee $5.
One MB of included data costs usage_per_mb.
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Will I be notified once I reach my included data limit?

SpinTel is determined to make bill shock a thing of the past so you’ll be notified once you’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance. You can also check your real time usage updates through the customer service portal My Account. That way you’ll always know how you’re tracking – without the nasty shock.

How much data will I need on my mobile broadband plan?

The amount of data you need will depend on your individual usage. There are many factors to consider including the quality, size and type of media you are watching. Please view details here.

What coverage do you provide?

Extensive coverage, reaching up to 98.5% of the Australian population. See our coverage map here.

What if I’m in an area not covered by 4G?

SpinTel’s mobile broadband plans automatically switch to 3G when in an area not covered by 4G.