4G Mobile Broadband

Now you can take the internet wherever you go

Do you want the fastest wireless internet speeds when you're on the go? Then SpinTel's 4G Mobile Broadband plans are for you! With SpinTel's high-speed 4G Mobile Broadband you'll have access to Australia's super-fast 4G networks whether you're at home, at the office or on the move.





COST PER MB $0.0029





COST PER MB $0.0027





COST PER MB $0.0009





COST PER MB $0.0009

Critical Information Summary - Minimum total cost: Minimum total cost is plan price and once off $5 SIM activation fee. Extra Data Costs: Once you reach your data limit extra data is $13 per GB on the 2Gb and 8Gb, and $7.00 per GB on the 50GB and 70GB. Upfront Costs: SIM activation ($5), optional hardware, and postage is payable upfront. Postage Costs: Standard postage is $0 and express postage is $10.

4G Mobile Broadband Features

Will I be notified once I reach my included data limit?

SpinTel is determined to make bill shock a thing of the past so you’ll be notified once you’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance. You can also check your real time usage updates through the customer service portal My Account. That way you’ll always know how you’re tracking – without the nasty shock.

How much data will I need on my mobile broadband plan?

The amount of data you need will depend on your individual usage. There are many factors to consider including the quality, size and type of media you are watching. Please view details here.


What coverage do you provide?

Extensive coverage, reaching up to 98.5% of the Australian population. See our coverage map here.

What if I’m in an area not covered by 4G?

SpinTel’s mobile broadband plans automatically switch to 3G when in an area not covered by 4G.


SpinTel selects only the best hardware to offer to our customers.


Huawei E8372 Huawei E5573
Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time Enjoy high-speed info sharing – up to 150Mbps Just connect directly with the laptop’s USB port to transmit data and share 4G Plus WiFi with other devices at the same time Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time Light and thin elegant design with LED indicators 1500mAh battery supports up to 6 hours of working time, and 300 hours of stand-by time Connect with just a touch of a button
$99.00 $99.00

WiFi Router

TL-MR3020 3G/4G Dual Band AC WiFi Router
The pocket-sized 3G/4G Dual Band AC WiFi Router is packed with the latest connection, sharing and security features for reliable broadband access without boundaries.
Spec Sheet

Mobile Coverage Map

4G (or LTE as it is also known) is the next generation in mobile network technology. Our 4G plans are powered by Optus and offer high-speed data on your mobile. If you don’t have a 4G mobile handset or are not in a 4G coverage area, you’ll still enjoy 3G coverage.


This FAQ will answer some of the more general questions you might have about your order, click a question below to fast-forward to a section.


What happens after I place my order?

Once your order is received our provisioning team will verify your order details, then perform some additional checks on your order.


When can I use the order tracker?

After your order is verified we will create your account, which means you can now log into our Order Tracker (this usually takes about 24 hours from when you place your order).


How long does it take to complete my order?

Please see the table below for estimates on order delivery times, we recommend viewing the 'More Information' link that relates to your order type so that you may view specific information regarding your service installation.

Our delivery time frames heavily depend on infrastructure available at your address, please note that these are provided to be a guide only, and are based on our average delivery times.

Order Type Average ETA More Information
Mobile 3-4 Business Days Mobile Setup Process
Residential Telephone 1-5 Business Days Telephone Setup Process
Business Telephone 1-5 Business Days Business Phone Setup Process
Business VoIP 1-2 Business Days VoIP Setup Process
Broadband Bundles 6-14 Business Days Broadband Bundle Setup Process
Business Bundles 6-14 Business Days Business Bundles Setup Process
NBN Bundles 9-24 Business Days (much faster with existing NTD) NBN Setup Process


How does SpinTel keep me updated on my order progress?

At almost every step of the way we will keep you updated on your order, you should expect to receive emails & SMS from us when you order is submitted, and when it is completed.


What if there are issues with my order?

Occasionally we may run into issues, this can happen at any stage of the install process. If this happens we will notify you via email, and one of our agents will call you ASAP to attempt to resolve whatever issue may have ocured.


When will I get my first bill?

We have two bill runs that dispatch invoices on either the 7th, or 21st of the month.

Some customers receive a bill before their entire order is completed.

For example, a customer has ordered a bundle, and their phone was connected before the broadband. If a bill run is scheduled after this then you will receive an invoice for the active service.

4G Mobile Broadband Terms

All of our products are covered by SpinTel's Standard Form of Agreement and are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

The Mobile Service Description and The Mobile Standard Pricing Table also forms part of the agreement.

Things To Know

This page summarises some helpful things to know, if you have any questions please call us on 13 22 10.

  • The mobile service will be delivered over the Optus 4G network. Where 4G coverage is not available or if the mobile handset is not compatible with 4G, the service will revert to 3G as available or compatible.
  • Service is billed monthly in advance.
  • 30 days' notice is required for cancellation of services.
  • Your first month's data allowance will be on a pro-rata basis. You will receive a proportion of your data allowance based on the days left in the month. This is until your account aligns with the start of the next billing cycle.
  • International MMS is available with participating mobile networks only. Some recipients may be unable to reply. International MMS charges are incurred on sending the message, whether or not the message is successfully received. SpinTel accepts no liability for any loss as a result of a message being delayed, insecure or not received.
  • You are eligible to change your plan at any time, and that change will be effective as of the next billing month.
  • An annual mobile levy is applied as determined by the ACMA. As of 2017, the cost of the levy is $0.64. The fee is added to your monthly bill as a one-off charge per year where a mobile or mobile broadband service is active.