This page contains helpful information on the steps to take when you have a technical issue with your SpinTel service.

What should I do if I have a technical issue?

SpinTel has an amazing Customer Service Team who are ready to help. You can reach our talented team by calling 1300 303 375 between 8am and 8pm weekdays, and 9am to 5pm weekends. Check our contact page for full details, times are in AEDT.

For those wanting to have a crack at resolving their own technical issues, our knowledgebase also has a large number of technical guides and resources to help you out before calling us.

What if I have a service fault?

If you have a service fault, such as no dialtone on your home phone, please call our Customer Service Team as soon as possible. The sooner we are informed of your fault, the sooner we can resolve it!

As we work on your fault we may require additional information from you, or ask you to perform some internal tasks to help us isolate the cause of the issue.

Your fault may go through several stages before being resolved, but we'll be updating you every step of the way.

How long will it take to resolve my service fault?

This answer will always vary depending on the severity of your fault, and how quickly we're able to identify where the fault may exist.

The table below outlines our standard fault process.

When Activity
Day 1 We will assess your fault and attempt to gather any information we need to lodge the request with our wholesaler. It's best to lodge your fault from home as our tests require you to be on site.
Same Day We will exhaust our internal troubleshooting, and if we have sufficient information we will lodge your service fault to our wholesaler for investigation. 1, 2
Day 2-3 Our wholesaler will assess your fault and we will generally know at this point if a field appointment is required. Many faults are resolved during this phase. We will notify you via Email and SMS at this step.
Day 4-5 A technician will be sent to either your premises, or to the field to resolve the issue causing your fault. Most faults will be resolved at this point, and we'll call you to confirm once the technician has attended. 3
Day 5+ If we have received all of your fault lodgement requirements (isolation tests, and other results) and your fault is not closed in 5 days we'll be prioritising it. Expect regular updates from us while we work with our wholesalers to resolve your fault. Most likely this fault has been attributed to network issues external to your premises and we are working towards resolving it with a field technician appointment.

1 Faults will be lodged same day if they are logged before 1PM.

2 We may be unable to provide updates on your fault on weekends if it has been logged with our wholesaler.

3 Technician appointments are subject to availability, we will book the soonest possible appointment. If this is unsuitable and you wish to change to a later time please contact us as soon as you can.

Each case is unique, however most service faults are resolved within 5 working days.

Please note that speed related service faults often take longer due to the testing required to ensure that the issue is not within your personal network.

What's an isolation test?

An isolation test involved disconnecting all devices from your home, except the primary equipment. Sometimes we might also ask you to check other sockets just to be certain that there's no internal wiring issues.

We know it's a pain, however it's actually a prerequisite for us investigating your fault further simply due to the sheer number of faults that are resolved by doing so.

If you want to speed up your fault lodgement call us after you have already isolated your service. If you're not confident performing this yourself one of our agents will walk you through it.


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